Moon Landing 40 Years Ago


Some of you may remember July 20,1969 and how we scrambled to find access to TV’s to watch the moon landing 40 YEARS ago today!! We were living in quarters on post because of the birth of our daughter, and about 30 of you joined us for an all night party which included bacon & eggs for breakfast. We remember Carl Baer & Dan Fridena playing their guitars. Who of you were there? Help us remember!!

What other stories do you have about this day in time?

Bill & Dottie Dunn


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  1. dmills Says:

    I was there! I remember watching it on German TV. We all thought it looked pretty hokey….like they were making it all up! But the wonder of it got through to us.

  2. Bill Swisher Says:

    My roomie and friends were in Innsbrook chasing ladies(at least that’s what they told me). I was stuck in gruntville after being convinced that I needed to go to CBR school for 2 weeks. Funny, ops and a rotating shift never bothered me for the duration of my BA experience!!

  3. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    I invited a bunch up to my little place beside the Hoffer Alm in Feilnbach. Sep Schneider who owned the Hoffer Alm invited the entire town of Feinbach to the Gasthaus and had a big beer barrel truck from Auer-Brau (with free beer). There were “large screen” TVs around the outside with everyone celebrating the US and German (remember Wernher von Braun) success in getting a man to the moon. Because of the various delays, the 1st steps on the moon were about 6am (in Germany) and there were a handful of us left – including Sep Schneider, Diane Zube and me having wurst, scrambled eggs and cool Auer-Brau for breakfast. At that point, I had never missed a launch and like everyone was proud that JFKs promise had been fulfilled. Several years later Maddog and I tried to steal a rocket for a BALTA moon launch then realized that there had been numerous “BALTA MOON LAUNCHES” over the years and gave up the effort.


  4. Phil Swank Says:

    Dave Kreml and I were racing the clock returning to BA from a week in Amsterdam. We blew through the gate rather quickly and when we pulled into the parking lot at your apartment, Dave just turned off the key and we leaped out of the moving car and ran. When we opened the door a foot was just about to be placed on the moon with the famous quote! What timing and fun!!

  5. Mad Dog Says:

    All of the above. Correct. I was in the backseat of a VW returning to Bad Aibling, Deutschland from the USAREUR Tennis Championships in Garmisch. We heard the news broadcasts on the radio. I could see the moon out of the little back window of the VW. I didn’t see any men on the moon. I heard their names. Didn’t know any of the old farts! None of them were from BA, so what the hell did I care. I personally knew the man who had dropped the first live Hydrogen bomb onto target from a B-52. I’d been fishing with him and his son many times. My dad had flown with Chuck Yeager in WWII, and I met Yeager’s daughter on a bus and got high with her. So what were a bunch of old farts on the moon to me? Answer – Nothing.
    Hannan is right. BALTA has been to the moon. Years before the first ‘mericans went up there, I had chaired a panel discussion on the lunar dark side with Socrates, George Washington, Isaac Newton, Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein, Voltaire, and Shakespeare. It ended in chaos. So much for civilization. How could it ever hope to succeed on the moon when it has failed so miserably on earth. We had another conference with men and WOMEN from eight different prehistoric cultures. It too ended in chaos.
    I believe that space is a waste. And I don’t believe we will ever succeed in colonizing other worlds, because I am convinced that world civilization will continue to suffer greater setbacks and then vanish long before it attains a level of technology sufficient to maintain sustained life on other planets or orbs.
    So, in July of 1969, we were returning to BA and BALTA was unformed in the vast emptiness of space. Weeks earlier the Bad Aibling Post tennis team had pulled off a major upset in the semifinals of the South Bavarian Tennis Championships in Munich. We qualified both of our doubles teams and three singles players for the USAREUR Championships. We failed to win anything in Garmisch. I was sad that the tennis competition was over for the year. The other players on the Post Team weren’t interested in playing for fun on the clay court between the Post Gym and Firehouse. So some of us including Kerry Vandegrift, Mike Hannan, and I, began playing in the early mornings after getting off of mids. After a few weeks practice we thought about having a tennis tournament. The rules were to chug a bottle of Maxlrain every time you won a set and after you won a match. As the tournament progressed those of us still left standing were so drunk that we could no longer stand. We never got past the semi-finals. There are photos of this event. It was in the summer of 1969, a few days after the moon landing. For us in BALTA it was a far more important event than any old farts dancing up on the moon. I didn’t see them there anyway and I was looking right at the moon, the real moon!

  6. FOOL Says:

    Hannan is remiss in not describing his efforts of collecting TVs from the local shops in BA so that we could watch the moon landing in Ops.

    I was at the Garmisch tennis tournament but do not remember going to Munich to qualify or the return trip. Evidently is was not with Maddog because I saw trhe landing.

    In my local newspaper (Bristol, not Philly) there was an article on the moon landing and the local people who helped make in happen. I didn’t know this, but most of all the Astronauts incluiding Grissom trained at a local Naval airbase. The centrifuge that they trained on is still there. I think that there are plans to build a Walmart Supercenter on the site. So much for History.

  7. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    In fact, that act had twofold meaning for me, Kerry. On one hand, I felt like I had pulled one over on the Military/Industrial Complex (SGT Coombs et al) who strongly opposed the introduction of non-military electronic equipment into OPS. You all know how satisfying that would be for me.

    Seondly, I really felt bad for those working guys in OPS who were going to miss what might be the greatest human achievement in recorded history until then. I was scheduled to be off but, just in case, I also wanted to be sure to see the event if I was unlucky enough to be forced into working that day.

    I did it and pretty much forgot about it until several people over the years have mentioned it and thanked me because they did have to work that night – I was surprised that anyone remembered and were kind enough to say thank you.

    JM (BB) H

  8. Gary Lingenfelter Says:

    Peggy and I were at Mike Hannan’s house next to the Hofer Alm watching the moon landing. Unforgettable.

  9. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    When Elizabeth and I went to Washington several years ago, especially to see Gary and Peggy, we had a very nice and emotional meeting on day one – we hadn’t seen one another since Pollack Pines in 1978 and they had never met Elizabeth. Revisiting the times in BA and our youthful adventures of those wonderful days was something I had longed for for the many years we hadn’t seen one another. Part of that first meeting was to decide what we’d have for dinner the next day – I was going to cook at my cousins house where we were staying – she lived just a few miles from Gary and Peggy. Our decision was to try to replicate the House Specialty from the Hofer Alm where Gary and Peggy and I (as well as with many others of you) spent many an enjoyable evening. After we agreed exctly what was included in that meal, Gary and Peggy headed home.

    OK – for the grand prize – who remembers what the House Specialty was at the Hofer Alm.

    My version of …………….. was certainly good if, possibly, not exactly an duplication of that special meal. Sadly we coudn’t find any Maxlrain or Auer-Brau.


  10. Mad Dog Says:

    Moon pies!

  11. FOOL Says:

    Moon pies.

    Why did we go into space when we have ex-terrestial beings right here?

  12. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:


    MoonPies???? MOON PIES ?????? A box of MoonPies was to be the “grand prize” for successfully guessing the CORRECT answer but it is NOT the answer I was looking for.

    The MoonPie, a staple of the Southern diet, was first produced in 1917 at the Chattanooga (TN) Bakery (a subsidiary of the Mountain City Flour Mill in Chattanooga, Tennessee). It’s partner in culinary history, the RC (Royal Crown) Cola (or RC Cokecola) came along in 1934 from the Columbus Georgia Union Bottling Works. Owing to the fact that in 1950 a half pound MoonPie and 16 oz. RC COla was offered as a 10 cent special package when the 2 companies joined forces for that marketing gimmick, their place in gatronomical history was assured.

    Though the MoonPie was NOT the specialty of the Hofer Alm, I feel certain that more than one MoonPie was eaten on that special night 40 years ago.


    • FOOL Says:

      Moon pies. MOON PIES!!!

      I stopped at Nashville on the way back from the reunion in Ruidoso and sa MOON PIES i a shop in the airport. Bought some because I thought that they would be delicious, since there was so much reference to them. I bought 20 to send to “friends” (including Hog!) when I got back in Bristol/Philly/Where ever–just had to taste one. Who the F ever really ate a Moon Pie–a mouth full of sugar and ragged wheat flower!

      I am truly a Fool.

      PS—the Goo Goo Clusters were absolutely fabulous—Banana Boy–send me a box!

  13. Mad Dog Says:

    This was a trick question.
    Anyway, as your shaman I will be going to visit our ancestors, THE GREAT BALTAWA. I shall return with the AUTHORITATIVE VOICE!

  14. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    To hell with the capitalist pigs who have betrayed their country, their doomed civilization!

  15. FOOL Says:

    As usual, what the hell are you talking about. When are you talking about? Who are you talking about?? Why are you talking about whatever you are talking about?

    Why am I talking about this? Why am I taliking to you? Am I a Fool to ask you these non-questions?

  16. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    I. G. Farben u. Krupp.

  17. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    Ja aber sind Sie der Parater Noster am I. G Farben Gebäude gefahren?

  18. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    No, not really, Mr. Banana Boy Head my friend. The right wing conservatives who misrepresent us are way too far to the left! And the left wing liberals who misrepresent us are way too far to the right! None can see out of the box. It doesn’t matter though, because I am not an atheist like them. I am a Glorbonian!

  19. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    Kein Scheiße, Glorbonian heiliger Mann!

  20. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    Glorvel Fliggersnurk recepì immediatamente la portata delle novità introdotte dalle opere di Einstein, che fu da lui invitato a tenere una conferenza all’Università di Bologna, nel 1920.

  21. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    La destra ma che ha fatto dopo 1920? Ho sentito che ha iniziato a correre un negozio di gelato. …is che corregge?

  22. tull Says:

    To follow, without halt, one aim: There’s the secret of success.

  23. FOOL Says:

    Not to appear foolish, but who are you? Are you the dying swan???

    Baltans have no need of anonymity.

  24. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    Though I passed away in 1931, I speak through JMBBH when the mood inspires me. You boys inspire me. You may refer to me as the Dead Swan.


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