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Listen up, save on car rental at the reunion

August 27, 2009
BJ’s the MAN!  Smoller, BJ and I are going to rent a car together for the reunion and we’ve been independently checking AAA, Expedia, etc and the going rate (with taxes) is a whopping $661 and up.  That’s if the pickup and return is ABQ.  If you specify another rental office in Albuquerque the price is VERY different.  Example:  BJ just booked a  car rental with Budget and, like I said, the rate is $661/week at the airport.  Offsite (5 miles away), the same car is $238/week… Nearly $425 less!!!.  You guys are smarter than me and probably knew this already.

On another note, you might want to check the local attractions by going on and check out the ‘Love’ statue in the center of Ruidoso.  Lots of other roadside attractions in the area, too.

Mikey Two-Eyes!

August 27, 2009

Yunz: Two great eyes looking out on HogWorld after lazer surgery on
August 5th and 26th.

ME VERY HAPPY!!!    Mikey Two-Eyes

Happy 40th Birthday to Balta, comments/photos

August 21, 2009

Tennis Tournament

Today, August 17, 2009, marks the 40th anniversary of the very first BALTA Function, the Tennis Tournament held on post at Bad Aibling Field Station. The ongoing activities of BALTA and the persistence of the powerful BALTA CONCEPT provide proof of the long-lasting importance of our seminal event of August 17, 1969.
BALTA CONCEPT?    (from John MadDog Freyermuth)


Hi to all BALTA members and congrats on 40 years.
I was the Brit Sgt in charge of the DF Det at BA in the late 60’s. Had a great time down there with you guys, and I lived in the MQ’s with my wife and dog.

I am still looking for a GI who I was great friends with, his name was Mike Lee or Lea; he was a Spec 5 at the time and he was a tech of some sort. He drove a dark green VW Beetle which had lowered suspension and tuned muffler etc.

I have tried all sorts to find out if he is still around but still no luck. Is there any chance that some of your members might know where he is currently. Any help would be appreciated.
Denny Byrne Ex Royal Signals Sgt. Retired in 1984 as a Warrant Officer. Denis Byrne

From Shaky Moore:

That’s interesting because I had already left Bad Aibling in May of that year and BALTA already existed in some primitive form.

Gregory J Moore
Operations Engineer

From Gerry Crow:

Damn, my daughter Sheri was born that day in Munich.  I forgot to name her BALTA.  Maybe next time. . .

From Bill Shea:

Wow!  First there’s the Moon landing, then Woodstock then…. THE BIRTH OF BALTA!  …and I missd them all!
From Dottie and Bill Dunn:
Cool!  We were still in BA, but not at the function.  We have heard stories, however, and know of this event.  Does anyone have any pictures?

The first reunion stateside was in the summer of 1970 in Clearlake, Iowa.  We have some pictures of that, and will bring them if we can find them!  Our memory of that was it was in a cornfield with no facilities.  We camped, drank, and ate hot dogs for 3 days!
Boy, we have come along way since then – no more roughing it!!!

MadDogs answer to the Dunns email:


Balta music offer

August 21, 2009

With my usual keen sense for the obvious, I realized that my duties as self-appointed BALTA music provider could be expanded to include travels to and from Ruidoso.

BALTANs will be driving to and from Ruidoso in vehicles equipted with CD players (including most rental vehicles). These days, the CD players in many vehicles will also play CD’s loaded with MP3 files.

I suspect that, during the drive to Ruidoso, there may be dead spots with no FM radio stations. Also, some BALTANs may prefer listening to their own MP3 players than to the prattle of other passengers. (I mean in airplanes, of course.)

The offer: send me an e-mail ( with your musical preferences, types, favorite artists and so forth. More importantly ALSO state the types of music you DO NOT like.

Consider whetheryou prefer a regualr CD or a CD loaded with MP3 files. Remember, a CD will hold 170+ MP3 songs; you might want more variety than, say, eight hours of Beatles songs.

We can discuss other options via e-mail.

The catch: none, really. Keeping in mind that a blank CD costs $0.50 and the postage involved, you can “buy me a beer” in Ruidoso….

Doug Gitt

San Antonio, need recommendations

August 12, 2009

Anne and I will be spending Labor Day week in San Antonio. Any recommendatons of things to do are welcomed. (Gruene is already on my list.)

Doug (Gitt)