San Antonio, need recommendations

Anne and I will be spending Labor Day week in San Antonio. Any recommendatons of things to do are welcomed. (Gruene is already on my list.)

Doug (Gitt)


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  1. dmills Says:

    Well, of course, the obvious one is the River Walk….perhaps a dinner cruise?

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    There is a house with Tom Thumb and old toys near the Alamo somewhere – a few blocks away or less.

  3. Tom Says:

    Go to Austin instead.

    But if you are stuck with tickets to San Antonio, below are my picks for a brief stay that hits the highlights:

    o Institute of Texan Cultures (not as nice as it once was but still unique in displaying the history of most of the peoples who settled Texas)
    o The Alamo (have to if you are in San Antonio)
    o La Villita Historic Arts Village
    o The Riverwalk and the River Walk’s new Museum Reach opened in May 2009 and stretches north along the San Antonio River, and connects the existing River Walk to the San Antonio Museum of Art and the 125-year-old Pearl Brewery (haven’t been there yet but hear it is nice).
    o Historic Downtown to include The Menger (look for Teddy Roosevelt’s X on the bar), St Joseph’s, Spanish Governor’s Palace, Casa Navarro, San Fernando and the King William Historic District (my favorite).

    Eat at:
    o Mi Tierra (a little touristy now, but one of the best TexMex restaurants ever, open 24/7, with a great bakery. It is in Market Square, which also requires a visit.
    o Chart House Restaurant at Tower of the Americas.
    o Any number of fine small Mexican food restaurants, bistros and sidewalk cafes in Downtown.

    Near to San Antonio:
    o You mentioned Gruene (eat at the Gristmill and have a beer in Gruene Hall), and you should also,
    o Go tubing on the Comal in New Braunfels, preferably on a week day in the summer,
    o Visit Castroville, a small historic town 40 miles west of SA, settled by people from Alsace-Lorraine in the 1800s with the help of a Portuguese fellow named Castro. Great German and French restaurants.

    You will notice that the suggestions include food. There is a lot of good food here; that’s why I have put on about 20 pounds since returning to Texas 7 years ago.

    You will have a good time, particularly if it cools off some by then. I’d come show you around, but I will be in northeast Texas for a family reunion that weekend. A lot of really good food there too.

    • Doug Gitt Says:

      Thanks, Tom. We “stuck” taking care of Anne’s grand-kids, so a trek to Austin is not an option…

  4. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    Hey Doug – the Missions tour is a great do it yourself day – there are 7 including the Alamo. Several of them are of near spectacular quality – all are worth the time and they are easily found with the Missions Tour map. I did them as a series for a gallery in SA. I was in SA every Friday for 4+ years delivering prints to my framer of the La Quinta prints. I’ll send you some images via your email acct.

    JM (BB)

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