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With my usual keen sense for the obvious, I realized that my duties as self-appointed BALTA music provider could be expanded to include travels to and from Ruidoso.

BALTANs will be driving to and from Ruidoso in vehicles equipted with CD players (including most rental vehicles). These days, the CD players in many vehicles will also play CD’s loaded with MP3 files.

I suspect that, during the drive to Ruidoso, there may be dead spots with no FM radio stations. Also, some BALTANs may prefer listening to their own MP3 players than to the prattle of other passengers. (I mean in airplanes, of course.)

The offer: send me an e-mail ( with your musical preferences, types, favorite artists and so forth. More importantly ALSO state the types of music you DO NOT like.

Consider whetheryou prefer a regualr CD or a CD loaded with MP3 files. Remember, a CD will hold 170+ MP3 songs; you might want more variety than, say, eight hours of Beatles songs.

We can discuss other options via e-mail.

The catch: none, really. Keeping in mind that a blank CD costs $0.50 and the postage involved, you can “buy me a beer” in Ruidoso….

Doug Gitt


3 Responses to “Balta music offer”

  1. Doug Gitt Says:

    Also, I do have some audiobooks on MP3. (including the complete, unabridged “Lord of the Rings”!)

  2. Heidi Says:

    Doug it would be really cool if you could do a CD of the music 40 years ago as an homage to the first BALTA function. I suspect you have a great library of that era as the great CD’s you made for me attest. I enjoy them often and think of you when I do! I can’t thank you enough so I guess I owe you 2 beers!! Love Heid

  3. Doug Gitt Says:

    A great idea! Anyone want one for the trip TO Ruidoso?

    (Unfortunately, I don’t have a CD of fest music.)

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