Listen up, save on car rental at the reunion

BJ’s the MAN!  Smoller, BJ and I are going to rent a car together for the reunion and we’ve been independently checking AAA, Expedia, etc and the going rate (with taxes) is a whopping $661 and up.  That’s if the pickup and return is ABQ.  If you specify another rental office in Albuquerque the price is VERY different.  Example:  BJ just booked a  car rental with Budget and, like I said, the rate is $661/week at the airport.  Offsite (5 miles away), the same car is $238/week… Nearly $425 less!!!.  You guys are smarter than me and probably knew this already.

On another note, you might want to check the local attractions by going on and check out the ‘Love’ statue in the center of Ruidoso.  Lots of other roadside attractions in the area, too.

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  1. Doug Gitt Says:

    Another transportation option:

    These folks offer charter service from ABQ to Ruidoso. If enough people flying into ABQ who don’t want to rent a vehicle, this could be an option.

  2. Mikey II (that's "two I's, dummy) Says:

    YUNZ: Expedia hooked me up w/Thrifty ($100/hog size/Oct 8-11…

    Traveler and cost summary Rental rate
    Driver: MICHAEL RODGERS Hog Size Car: $24.35/Day (Weekend Rate), Unlimited mileage, Extra hour: $6.00, Extra day: $36.99
    Base price $73.05
    Estimated taxes and fees $27.41
    Car rental total* $100.46
    * Includes estimated taxes and fees. Car charges are billed at time of rental.
    Weekend rates typically apply to Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Monday. Additional days beyond the weekend rate plan periods may be charged at the extra day rate (shown below).
    Car rental summary
    Thu Oct-8-2009
    Thrifty Car Rental Hog Size Car: Air conditioning, automatic transmission, unlimited mileage.
    Pick up:
    Thu Oct-8-2009 12:00 PM Drop off:
    Sun Oct-11-2009 12:00 PM
    Location: in the airport terminal, El Paso, TX (ELP)
    Hours of operation: 10/8/2009: 6:00 am – 11:59 pm, 10/11/2009: 6:00 am – 11:59 pm

    Telephone: 800 527-7075 (reservation), 877 283-0898 (direct)

  3. JUohn Smoller Says:

    Not even a cheap car rental rate could lure me to El Paso.

  4. JUohn Smoller Says:

    JUohn is the phonetic spelling of Juan

  5. Mikey II (that's "two I's, dummy) Says:

    geez, johan, el paso’s where the plane’s landing so i guess that’s where i have to get the car. i’m not lookin’ to settle there, just fly there and escape asap. MIIz

  6. J R Freyermuth Says:

    All those touching down in El Paso must pass through immigration check point in order to re-enter the US of A de los Estados Unidos Norteamericanos and get to Ruidoso.
    Slurme Dog

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