Update from John Hatton

I have been out of touch with people for a time due to events beyond my control. I had to miss the reunion and wanted people to know why.

First, its been a trying year. I will skip the small stuff.

Back in August/September I began having trouble with left shoulder. On September 29th they operated expecting a few bone spurs. I woke up to find out they had to rebuild the shoulder as the spurs had cut the tendons off my shoulder. Nice…..three months to recover!

Just after this I went in for my annual physical. Surprise!  My PSA score had suddenly shot up. On the eve of my birthday I got a call from the doctor: I had cancer and it needed fixed NOW. November 9th I was in surgery. Shoulder had just gotten out of a sling and I was due to start therapy on it that week. Now there is a little delay.

Here it is November 20th. I am happy to say they think they got all the cancer out and that it will not spread. I am up and around, although a bit slow right now. I started the therapy on the shoulder today (Oh so much fun!).

Its been a rough ride these past few months. I would have MUCH rather gone to the reunion than to have to have gone through all of this, but time caught up with me. The silver lining in all of this is that I should be much better by the end of the year.

The cancer factor should be eliminated (fingers crossed) and my shoulder should work better than it has in a long time. The rest of me is in good shape and I am working hard to keep it that way. My future actually looks pretty good.

So, I am back on my somewhat shaky feet. My recoveries are going well and life is good. (Well, under the circumstances).

I look forward to catching up with folks at next year’s reunion. I regret health issues got in the way this time. I had a lot of plans for this fall and they all went into the trash can. But that is OK, we got some important issues out of the way and I look forward to a good life.


John Hatton


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