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A photo of Dan from Ruidoso

December 31, 2009

Taken and sent by Dottie and Bill Dunn


A Sermon for Dan

December 30, 2009

As life is a banquet so death is the salt. It brightens the flavors of the day. We the people need death. It gives hope to the critic who doesn’t think being is such a merry dish, but may be made palatable. It is a smash-mouth scrum that causes us to catch our breath and hold those we hold dear more dear. Thank fucking God and all the gods for death when it makes us glad to breathe and smell and taste and kiss and fuck.

This other part is private. In our few years, Dan and I have uncovered stone after stone of anti-societal agreement. We have celebrated whisky of various sources, finally coming to agree on Bourbon as the essence of life. We conflated courtesy with good living, and women with good life. We hated hatred and loved those around us. I have never had a better friend.

We will not combine our fortunes and buy a house for the four of us. We will not sail the sound to brave the Golden Gate. Not now. It kind of doesn’t matter. Most things don’t work. Only the wanting works, but it works well. Oh, bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly. A gentle man has passed our way and is gone.

Pat Carroll

Looking for someone

December 14, 2009

At our grand-daughter’s fourth birthday celebration, Julie (BA 67-70, mother of our native BALTAN daughters) and I were remembering BALTANs we know/knew.

(Sam, Julie asked how you’re doing and says “Hi!”)

She asked if anyone remembers the names of a couple who, as Julie and I did, lost a child while at BA.  She thinks that his first name might be Paul and her name might be Sherry.  She also remembers having them for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, likely with Karon and Sam, as well as Kathy and Ron Rinker, in the Bruckmuhl apartment.

Can anyone fill in some blanks???

Doug (Gitt)

Cloudcroft Damaged by Strong Blows

December 11, 2009

BALTA Update on Ruidoso area news.

Some of you may remember the town of Cloudcroft through which we passed on our way to the observatories and elsewhere. Strong winds hit the town three days ago and knocked out power for 5000 people for up to a week. Many trees downed and many damaged homes and buildings. Several families had to be evacuated because night-time temps are near 15 degrees.

A 91 mph wind gust at White Sands ripped the roof off the MP Headquarters at the Missile Range. At San Augustine Pass over the Organ Mountains between Las Cruces & White Sands winds up to 110 mph were measured. The road was closed for most of Tuesday. And this same storm ripped the roof off the baseball stadium in El Paso. Mountains are full of snow. Just got back from Florida and missed the big snows of a week ago. Meg took pictures of our back yard full of snow.

Yippee! Aren’t you glad the reunion is over? I’m finally happy again.

Cheers! & BALTA says Up Yours! Down Boy!

John (Freyermuth)

The updated Balta CONTACTS list under PAGES

December 4, 2009

If you will look on the right side of the main page for this blog, you’ll see Pages listed.  The updated list is called Balta Official CONTACTS list.

This list is intended to represent Baltans and family members who have been to one or more Balta reunions OR newly discovered Baltans who have yet to attend a reunion but plan to and asked to be included on this list.

I tried to let everybody know that the list was being updated and asked that they send me their contact info.  Many times, if you’re not on the list, it’s because I didn’t hear from you.  If there are any errors, please let me know, and they will be corrected.

There is another list under Pages called People You May Have Known at Bad Aibling or something like that!  This is in no particular order and no guarantees for the correctness of the info.  You may want to check that list if you’re looking for someone who served in Bad Aibling, roughly between 1966-1971 or ’72.

There is also an active Balta email list.  Contrary to what many believe, there is no ONE official email group listing.  People create their own address lists, mainly compiled from the CONTACTS list but also extraneous other people that they have known at Bad Aibling.

I mention this because if you start receiving emails from the group, it’s because someone has added you to their list and then someone else picked it up.  I’ve had requests to get off  “The List”, but there is no central list where their names can be eliminated.

We try to accommodate the request as best we can by sending out group messages, asking people to eliminate so-and-so’s address from their individual mailing lists.

Since the CONTACTS list is often the source for the mailing list, the rule is that you have to contact me directly with your info in order to be included on the CONTACTS list, and this is with the understanding that you may also become part of someone’s mailing group list and begin receiving lots of group emails.

Thanks for your patience.