Cloudcroft Damaged by Strong Blows

BALTA Update on Ruidoso area news.

Some of you may remember the town of Cloudcroft through which we passed on our way to the observatories and elsewhere. Strong winds hit the town three days ago and knocked out power for 5000 people for up to a week. Many trees downed and many damaged homes and buildings. Several families had to be evacuated because night-time temps are near 15 degrees.

A 91 mph wind gust at White Sands ripped the roof off the MP Headquarters at the Missile Range. At San Augustine Pass over the Organ Mountains between Las Cruces & White Sands winds up to 110 mph were measured. The road was closed for most of Tuesday. And this same storm ripped the roof off the baseball stadium in El Paso. Mountains are full of snow. Just got back from Florida and missed the big snows of a week ago. Meg took pictures of our back yard full of snow.

Yippee! Aren’t you glad the reunion is over? I’m finally happy again.

Cheers! & BALTA says Up Yours! Down Boy!

John (Freyermuth)

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