Looking for someone

At our grand-daughter’s fourth birthday celebration, Julie (BA 67-70, mother of our native BALTAN daughters) and I were remembering BALTANs we know/knew.

(Sam, Julie asked how you’re doing and says “Hi!”)

She asked if anyone remembers the names of a couple who, as Julie and I did, lost a child while at BA.  She thinks that his first name might be Paul and her name might be Sherry.  She also remembers having them for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, likely with Karon and Sam, as well as Kathy and Ron Rinker, in the Bruckmuhl apartment.

Can anyone fill in some blanks???

Doug (Gitt)


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  1. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    Doug, I believe that Paul & Sherry were on the USO bus tour to Schloss Linderhof and Kloster Ettal. This was probably in the summer of 1968. I cannot recall their last name, but that name might come to me eventually. I’m pretty sure that Sam Flippo was with us on that tour. Perhaps Lanson Boyer was there too. I believe that Sam or Lance might remember the last name of Paul & Sherry. I feel that you are correct that they were friends of Sam & Karon. Ask Sam.

  2. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    Is their name Sands?

  3. Doug Gitt Says:

    I’m not surprised you remembered someone! Afterall, you did remember our blue Mercedes…

    I’ll shoot an e-mail to Sam….

  4. Doug Says:

    My apologies, Julie had asked about two different couples. Paul and Sherri Sands are the one couple. There was another couple who, like us, lost a child while in BA. Anyone remember?


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  6. john r franklin Says:

    does anyone out there remember the group called the loadmasters? believe it got eastablished in late 67 or early 68. they went from 4 to 3 tricks and trick 3 became the loadmasters. we went on a party to autobahn zee over night. we also all walked into town from post for the bad aibling volksfest so as not to be driving drunk.

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