Baltans at Dan Day

Don Pier, David Kreml, Brian Pfeiffer

Don Pier, Heidi Cotler, David Kreml, Linda Anderson, Dan Hayden, Pat Carroll, Brian Pfeiffer


4 Responses to “Baltans at Dan Day”

  1. HogN@ Says:

    Re Pier-Kreml_Pfeiffer Pic: always comforting to know exactly where BJ’s right hand is!

  2. Doug Gitt Says:


  3. John Michael (Banana Boy) Hannan Says:

    I’m more worried about where Kreml’s left hand is. Send more photos.

  4. HogN@ Says:

    I’m betting Dave’s hand is wherever Linda wants it to be (if he nose what’s good for him) (and he duz!).

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