The 40th Balta Reunion has not been cancelled!

Some of you may have received a cancellation notice from Facebook for the 40th reunion. THE REUNION STILL STANDS; IT HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED!!  I had to cancel the first Event posting because there was an error in it, which forced Facebook to send out cancellation notices to those invited.  There is a new, correct Event notice on here in its place under the Balta Facebook group.


2 Responses to “The 40th Balta Reunion has not been cancelled!”

  1. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    Thanks Dee & Tom. The Reunion has not been cancelled! Some good news, (finally?). I cancelled reality long ago. Reality does not exist. I believe in small tribes gathering. It is small wonder that I was able to get a security clearance and sneak into the ASA even after I had stopped believing in the existence of America in 1965. Folks, America still does not exist. It has never existed and never will. (Especially for goddamned white folks!) The reunion has not been cancelled tautologically. Some cheer(s)!

  2. Fool Says:

    Don’t know how to just ask a question on a different topic, but I’m sure that this will get to a significant number of Baltans—did anyone get an e-mail from Russ Haddad, asking for money because he is stranded in England??

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