2010 BALTA “We’ll Do What We Can” 40 Freakin’ Years Reunion

Just a reminder for those of you planning to attend the 2010 BALTA “We’ll Do What We Can” 40 Freakin’ Years Reunion (BAR 40):  Reservations are due by March 15, 2010.

So far we have 11 paid reservations: Heidi (thanks for the card and lucky bamboo), Doug, BJ (thanks for the note), Cpt. Hog (with the T-shirt suggestion below), Shea (thanks for the note), John Smoller, Larry Wilhelm and 4 for me and my entourage.  Also, there have been a dozen or so saying “the check is in the mail.”

We are waiting until we have a good attendance estimate before choosing the place.  There are a number of nice places on the Guadalupe River near New Braunfels (NB)/Gruene that can handle 25 or so, and a couple for 40 people, but they are different places.  So, please send the $50 as soon as possible, or at least let me know you plan to be here for this historic event.

The only planned activity for now is a tour of the Shiner Brewery in Shiner Texas.  It is only open for tours on weekdays, so for those of you who want to make this trek (about 70 miles from NB/Gruene and 90 from Austin), you will need to be here on Friday, October 22.

We may also want to do a trip to Driftwood, TX (about 30+ miles from NB/Gruene and 25 from Austin) for Salt Lick BBQ and Mandola’s Italian Restaurant and Winery.  More details on those opportunities and others over the next few months.

All of you who are on Facebook may want to link to “365 Things to do in Austin” and “Texas Hill Country” for a pretty full listing of things to do in the area.  If you have any suggestions about how I can help with any of the things that pique your interest, let me know.  (Given some of your proclivities, I realize I am opening my self up to many things here, but we can at least talk about it, and all requests will be held in the strictest confidence).

Some of you may also want to link to “Keep Austin Weird” on FB.  It would also be nice if you would join the BALTA FB page and indicate if you plan to come (under Events).

As Dee said, “If you’ve ever half-way considered attending a BALTA reunion, this would be a good one,” after all, it is the 40th and the Texas Hill Country is not a bad place to be in October.  Ya’ll come.  Tom


8 Responses to “2010 BALTA “We’ll Do What We Can” 40 Freakin’ Years Reunion”

  1. Doug Gitt Says:

    Gotta go to Gruene Hall for beer and music!!!

  2. Fool Says:

    On the Russ Haddad e-mail—it is a fake. Someone accessed his Gmail account and the false e-mail has gone to everyone on his address list.

  3. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    BALTA is not part of the USA.

  4. sMAN Says:

    I want one of them there HOG T-shirts.

  5. Larry Wilhelm Says:

    I like the T-shirt design- XL for me Shirt color??

    Sorry to hear about Mike.
    Loosing way to many friends lately.

  6. Fool Says:

    Gotta do this, no matter what the repercussions may be. I like the basic design of the the shirt, but I do not like (instead of saying “It Sucks”) the image of whomever the guy in the center may be. I find it crude and not representative of a Balta participant, not even when we WERE at our crudest. Sure, the image could be, and maybe should be, comical.

    I have no particular skill in this area, so i can’t even suggest a comical character–me, I would have put an image of Schloss Maxlrain in the center. I think that maybe someone could suggest an alternate image, maybe even those among us who have graphic talents—Chris Blum, Mike Hannan, Hanni Beer, Meg Freyermuth, David Lopez and yes, even Hog (for his photographic skills).

    I think. I think not. I am awaiting the fallout.

  7. Tom Says:

    Willie would be hurt.

  8. Maddog Johnny Freyermuth Says:

    Hey! Willie’s cool being cool and that’s alright ‘cept for Fool.

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