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See you in October!

March 15, 2010

Okay.  Today is March 15 and the last official day to make reservations for the “Keep Austin Weird” 2010 BALTA 40 Freakin’ Years Reunion (BAR 40) in the Austin Hill Country.  So far I have the following, which does not include any checks I may receive today:

$100 Blum, Chris & Lois
$50 Bradford, James
$100 Carroll, Pat & Dee Mills
$50 Cotler, Heidi
$100 Crandall, Jim & Mimi
$200 Forrest, Tom & Davelyn & entourage
$100 Freyermuth, John & Carolyn
$100 Gay, Ken & Diane
$50 Gitt, Doug
$100 Hannan, Mike & Elizabeth
$100 Hayden, Dan & Kristi
$100 Knox, Wally & Beth Garfield
$50 Krueger, Bill (Promises a visit and sent $ for food and spirits)
$50 Meechan, Tom
$50 Pfeiffer, BJ
$50 Rodgers, Mike
$100 Sharpe, Ed & Fay Houston
$50 Shea, Bill
$100 Simonson, Curt & Barbara
$50 Smoller, John
$100 Wallace, Bob & Gabrielle
$50 Wilhelm, Larry
$1,800 Total Reservation Deposits = 36 Paid
CITM Lance Boyer (FB)
CITM Bradford, Jack (FB)
CITM Dieckman, Forrest & Shirley (Email)
CITM Flippo, Sam & Janelle (FB)
CITM Hoben, Ed & Cathy (Email and FB)
CITM McCown, Larry & Brigette (FB)
CITM Warden, Chuck & Janet (Phone)
$600 Anticipated Deposits = 12 CITMs
Maybe Kuhn, Phil (FB)
Maybe LaBree, Larry (FB)
Maybe McCown, Ulrich (FB)
Maybe O’Connell, David (FB)
Maybe Pier, Don (FB)
Maybe Scotti, Richard (FB)
Maybe Shea, Megan (FB)
Maybe Vandergrift, Kerry (FB)
Maybe Wells, Jean (FB)
Maybe Wright, Edward E. M. (FB)
Maybes = 10 Maybes
Visit Bassett, George & Judy Email)
Visit VandenBerg, Jim & Carolyn (Phone & Email)
Visitors = 4 Visitors

(This balances with the BAR 40 checking account, but if any of you think otherwise on any of this information, let me know.)

So, it looks like we will have 36 people for sure, and possibly another 12 to 26 staying or visiting, for a whopping 62 total.  Seems there is a lot of excitement for returning to Texas and I can tell you that Texas is excited about BALTA coming.

Over the next few weeks, I will send out information about events in the area and a little homework you may want to do to get up to speed on Texas.  In the meantime, let me remind you of a few links that will be helpful:

All of you who are on Facebook (and if you are not, you should get on it at least until this event is over) join the BALTA FB group and keep up with BAR 40 through  Events.  You may want to link to “365 Things to do in Austin” and “Texas Hill Country” for a pretty full listing of things to do in the area.  For those of you driving in, there is always good information on “Texas Back Roads” and “Keep Austin Weird” is a sometimes fun website.

One person has asked about refunds. As I understand from prior hosts, we have a per person, not-to-exceed budget of $300 for the reunion, but actual costs are based on the number of people divided into the total cost of the reunion, so it will be no more than $300/person, and maybe less.  As actual costs will not be known until August or so, we won’t actually have per person costs until then.  There will be one total cost for the reunion (nights of 10/21-10/23) and if someone wants to stay longer, we can help him or her make arrangements.  Refunds will be made as long as we have not spent the money for the person to be here, and between now and mid-August, there should be no problem in anyone getting a refund.

Similarly, for those of you who are deadline challenged, it is not too late.  I was a “straggler” last year because I didn’t get the word about Ruidoso BAR 39 until April.  Please let me know as soon as you can, but I’m sure we will be able to deal with a few who drop out and the few who have a difficult time planning an event seven months in the future.

Let me know if there are questions, or any corrections in this information.  Tom

Tom Forrest

1207B E. 2nd Street

Austin, TX  78702

512.441.3583 (Home)

512.560.2731 (Mobile)


I will go to Texas

March 2, 2010

“You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”  –  Davy Crockett to the people of Tennessee when he lost his re-election bid to Congress by 252 votes to a peg-legged lawyer

Today, March 2, is Texas Independence Day, the day when Texas officially broke from Mexico to create the Republic of Texas.  So it is appropriate that today, each of you make a stand and commit to coming to Texas for the “Keep Austin Weird” 2010 BALTA 40 Freakin’ Years Reunion (BAR 40) in the Austin Hill Country.

Basic information:

What:                                      BAR 40
When:                                       October 21-24, 2010
Where:                                     Austin Hill Country
What Do You Need to Do: Commit and Send $50 to Reserve Each Spot to Tom Forrest, 1207B E. 2nd Street, Austin, TX  78702 by March 15.

Not much time left to let me know if you are coming.  By March 15, you will have to let me know you are coming, ideally with a $50 check for each person in your party.  We had hoped to have 40 people for BAR 40 and we may have that many yet.  So far, these are the paid (sent in $50 deposit) and the promised (have indicated to me or on the BALTA FB page that they are coming):

þ         Dee Mills & Pat Carroll                  2

þ         Heidi Cotler                  1

þ         The Forrests                   4

þ         John Freyermuth & Carolyn Gressitt 2

þ         Doug Gitt                  1

þ         BJ Pfeiffer                  1

þ         Mike Rogers                  1

þ         Bill Shea                  1

þ         John Smoller                  1

þ         Larry Wilhelm                  1

¨         Chris Blum & Lois         2

¨         Jim Crandall                  1

¨         Sam Flippo & Janelle                  2

¨         Mike & Elizabeth Hannan                  2

¨         Kerry Vandergrift                  1

¨         Chuck & Janet Warden         2


(If I should have received a $50 deposit from you and there is no P in your box, please let me know.)

We have 9 “Maybes,” and we haven’t heard from at least three couples (not to mention any names Haydens, Hobens and Simonsons) who attended last year.  If all of these come, that’s 40.  (Not that we have to stop there, but we do need to know how many.)

It is important that we get a good head-count now because the number of people attending will determine the place we stay and the cost to each of us.  Some of the places under consideration now are listed here, with links:

Hideout on the Horseshoe

The Irons (Austin)

Maricopa (Canyon Lake/ Guadalupe River)

Hill Country RV Resort & Cottage Rentals

Kuebler Waldrip Haus

Again, check in with past postings about the BAR 40 by reading the BALTA Blog periodically, and if you are on Facebook join the BALTA FB page and indicate if you plan to come (under Events) – or not.  Time is running out and you do not want to miss this historic event.

To close on this Texas Independence Day, another quote from Davy Crockett:

“I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world, 
the best land and the best prospects for health I ever saw, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come.”

Crockett was here about 3 months before he was killed at the Alamo on March 6.  I’m almost sure your fortune and prospects for health will be much better, as we will make every effort to avoid any shooting wars (as BALTANs are prepared to do) while ya’ll are here.

So make those reservations and plan to be here in October.

Tom Forrest

12078 E. 2nd Street

Austin, TX  78702

512.441.3583 (Home)

512.560.2731 (Mobile)

Mike Whitcomb R.I.P.

March 1, 2010

Mike Whitcomb, a Morse Code operator who arrived in Bad Aibling in 1970 via Two Rock Ranch and Viet Nam, died Friday, Feb. 26, 2010 in Sioux Falls, SD, at 61 years of age from mesothelioma. He is survived by his wife, Arvidella and two sons.

He was a great guy and a friend to all that met him.  He will be greatly missed by his friends..

from John Smoller