Book recommendation about ASA

This came from Hannan:

I sent you a note a while back about the novel “Voices Under Berlin” by T.H.E Hill but I can’t find if it showed up anywhere on the BALTA Blog.

It’s an ASA linguist thing that’s very funny and brought many fun memories of our work in BA.  I don’t read much fiction but this is a winner for us ASA guys and gals.

Elizabeth enjoyed it too.



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3 Responses to “Book recommendation about ASA”

  1. The Pterodactyl Says:

    There’s also a book by Tim Johnston called Irish Girl. In the story “Jumping Man” on page 74 there is mention of pterodactyls. The book won the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction. The author is a carpenter living in Santa Fe.
    So, thanks for the recommendation there Mike (John Michael Hannan)

  2. JMHannan Says:

    Johnny Jumping Man … AKA …… Pterodactyl

    Is that the same Tim Johnson from Madisonville who used to do real estate appraisals? We’re having a chad count this weekend – I’ll send the results by secure courier service.

    JM (Banana Boy) Hannan

  3. The Pterodactyl Says:

    Banana Boy (JM Hannan) Sha na na
    You can read about Tim Johnston on his page. He was not from Madisonville, Meadville, Monroeville nor from Asfarasiknowsville.
    See p. 74 of Irish Girl for pterodactyl reference!

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