Latest update about BAR-40

All:  Holding so far at 57 lodgers, and 5 day-visitors.  Finding places to sleep everyone comfortably was a small challenge – we were hoping for 40 attendees for the 40th reunion that we could get in one place – but the more the merrier.  I think everyone will be happy with the lodging and location.  We will have a good time.

We have made reservations for two places in Gruene, TX (“Gently resisting change since 1872”) a small community on the Guadalupe River that is part of the City of New Braunfels.  More good info on Gruene here: Wikipedia on Gruene.  I mentioned Gruene as a likely location in earlier email to each of you, on the Facebook/Events page, and on the BALTA Blog (ya’ll read these things and keep up).  Gruene is about 46 miles from downtown Austin and about 70 miles from the Shiner Brewery.

We will have the entire  1847 Historic Kuebler Waldrip Haus Bed and Breakfast, which sleeps 36-40 people, as our HQ.  It has a great kitchen facility, for those interested in cooking (and I hope we can duplicate some of those fine meals we had in Ruidoso) and is large enough for 60+ people to eat/gather.  It is about 4 miles from downtown Gruene; the only available place that had all the facilities we needed.

The Gruene Homestead Inn is closer to downtown Gruene and has rooms for another 20+ people.  It’s 3.8 miles from the Kuebler Waldrip B&B and just outside the Gruene Historical District.

I am going to step out on a limb here and ask that those of you with strong preferences for one place or the other, based on the location, amenities, special needs, etc., let me know.  Also, if there is someone you would like to “house” with (or not) let me know.  We will be discrete, and every effort will be made to place each of you where you are comfortable (but you must “house” and “room” with your spouse, significant other, or guest – no options there).  Not saying we will be able to meet every preference, but we will do our best.  If I do not hear from you on this, I am assuming you will take what you get and be happy about it.

You can get familiar with Gruene, New Braunfels, Austin and other Hill Country attractions over the next few months, tons of info on the “Internets” about these places, and I will post more on a regular basis now that we have lodging Identified.  If there is something in particular that interests you, such as the Friday tour of the shiner Brewery, let me know.

Following are the attendees with reservations as I understand it:

1 Wilhelm, Larry AL
1 Cotler, Heidi CA
2 Gay, Ken & Diane CA
2 Hayden, Dan & Kristi CA
2 Knox, Wally & Beth Garfield CA
1 Pfeiffer, BJ CA
1 Shea, Megan CA
1 Smoller, John CO
1 Boyer, Lance CT
1 Meechan, Tom CT
2 Dunn, Bill & Dottie GA
1 Perkins, Edward “Gene” GA
2 Simonson, Curt & Barbara IL
2 Hoben, Ed & Kathy KY
1 Stemple, Mike MI
2 McCown, Larry & Brigette MO
2 Wallace, Bob & Gabrielle NH
2 Freyermuth, Chandra & Frank Sholedice NM
2 Freyermuth, John & Carolyn Gressitt NM
2 Forrest, Lynly & Casey Franks NY
2 Flippo, Sam & Janelle Davis OK
2 Carroll, Pat & Dee Mills PA
1 Gitt, Doug PA
1 Rodgers, Mike PA
1 Shea, Bill PA
2 Vandergrift, Kerry & Guest PA
2 Hannan, Mike & Elizabeth TN
2 Blum, Chris & Lois TX
1 Bradford, James TX
2 Bradford, John & Molly TX
3 Forrest, Tom & Davelyn & Amanda Terry TX
3 McCown, Ulrich & Michael & Thomas Pruitt TX
2 Sharpe, Ed & Fay Houston TX
2 Crandall, Jim & Mimi WI
57 Total Reservation
2 Bassett, George & Judy CA
1 Krueger, Bill TX
2 VandenBerg, Jim & Carolyn TX
5 Visitors

Let me know if you have other information.

Now that we sorta have a handle on how many are coming and lodging costs, I will prepare a budget in the next couple of weeks and let you know the remaining costs – making every effort to keep it under the $300 per person max that was our goal.  More on that in a couple of weeks.

Send an email if there are questions; I’ll get right back to you.  And for those of you with special needs, let me know now.  No whining.  Tom

Tom Forrest

1207-B E. 2nd Street

Austin, TX 78702

512.441.3583 (Home)

512.560.2731 (Mobile)


7 Responses to “Latest update about BAR-40”

  1. Doug Says:

    Wow! A record number of attendees?

  2. Mysto Says:

    Will I get beat up if I wear my ‘Viva la Evolucion’ or my ‘Natural Selection: Weeding out Idiots since 1859’ T-shirts around them thar parts?


  3. DOG Says:

    I not to wear the clothes. OK? The ears linger longer.

  4. Tom Says:

    Three weekends ago, a friend and I kayaked/canoed about 12 miles of the Guadalupe, starting near Sisterdale, TX. I have posted a few of the pictures I took while on the river at the following link: The Guadalupe is the river that runs through Gruene, and although the section in the photos is above Canyon Lake, the view is similar to what those of you attending BAR40 will see in the Gruene area – except there are generally more people on the river near New Braunfels. The Guadalupe above Canyon Lake is prone to serious 30’ flash floods in the spring that can uproot large cypress trees, like the one in the picture behind me, and carry them down river.

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