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BAR40 Photos from Smoller

October 28, 2010

Dee Mills Carroll and Brian Pfeiffer

Spoetzl Brewer, Shiner TX

Janelle Davis, Sam Flippo

Ken Gay

L/R Brian Pfeiffer, Dave Kreml, Chris Blum, Sam Flippo

L/R Mike Rodgers, Judy Bassett, George Bassett

L/R Tom Forrest, Curt Simonson

Mike Stemple with saw

L/R Doug Gitt, Mike Stemple, Brian Pfeiffer

L/R Larry McCown, Bob Wallace

Sam Flippo

L/R Brigitte McCown, Gabby Wallace


BAR40 Photos from the Dunns

October 28, 2010

Heidi Cotler at Karaoke Night.

Woody Dieckman at Karaoke Night.

L/R George Bassett, Brian Pfeiffer

Sitting at table, L/R, Jim Crandall, Pat Carroll, Heidi Cotler

The group that took a daytrip to a Texas winery.

Thomas cutting Gabby's hair with a long line of customers waiting.

Dottie Dunn standing outside Gruene Hall on Friday night.

Dinnertime L/R Bill Dunn, unidentifiable, Ulli McCown, Janelle Davis, Sam Flippo, Fay Houston, Ed Sharpe, Dottie Dunn

L/R Mike Rodgers, Wally Cox, Dave Kreml, Bill Dunn, Jim VandenBerg

Taking photos, Heidi Cotler, left, and Dee Mills Carroll, right.

L/R Tom Forrest, Bob Wallace, Gabby Wallace, Woody Dieckman, Larry McCown

Another look at haircut line.

BAR40 Photos from Doug Gitt

October 27, 2010

The Line for the BALTA hair salon

L/R John Smoller, Sam Flippo

L/R Megan Shea, Carolyn Gressitt, John Freyermuth, Curt Simonson

L/R John Smoller, Curt Simonson and photographer Mike Rodgers

Gruene Hall, Gruene Texas

L/R Dee Mills Carroll, Dave Kreml, Pat Carroll, Brian Pfeiffer, Heidi Cotler (hidden) & John Smoller on Congress Ave, Austin

A gathering crowd


Some reunion photos from Hog

October 27, 2010

Sam Flippo and Brigitte McCown

Left side of group photo at Balta Reunion, BAR40

L/R Ulrich McCown, Brigitte McCown, Michael McCown

The center of the group reunion photo.

L/R Amanda Terry and Davelyn Forrest

The right side of the reunion group photo.

BAR40 Photos from Jim and Mimi

October 26, 2010

L/R Pat Carroll, Heidi Cotler, John Freyermuth, Carolyn Gressitt. Looks like Bob Wallace in the middle background.

L/R Ed Hoben, Ken Gay, Jim Crandall, Bob Wallace, Mike Rodgers

Larry and Brigitte McCown

L/R John Freyermuth, Bill Shea, Tom Forrest

John 'MadDog' Freyermuth and Lois Blum


October 25, 2010

I’m too worn out tonight to write about the reunion and how much fun it was.  Just got home.  But I may write some things later on.

I’d really like to post some of your photos.  I can’t handle your entire camera roll, but send me some of your best candids, and I’ll post them here.  I’d like to get some good headshots or close-up, plus some of the Gruene Hall dance night and the School House karaoke night/Cranny ‘Clear Lake Baptism Night’!

Next year the Moles are hosting (Curt and Barbara Simonson) in Chicago or thereabouts.  Start planning for it!

Much kudos go to Tom Forrest and his family for putting together a spectacular reunion this year.



From Hannan

October 10, 2010

Elizabeth and I were sitting around the breakfast table on this past  Sunday  morning talking about things.

I said to her, “If I  were to die suddenly, I want you to immediately sell all my  stuff.”

“Now why would you want  me to do something like that?” she  asked.

“I figure that you would  eventually remarry and I don’t want some other asshole using my  stuff.”

She looked at me (lovingly) and said.  “What makes you think I’d marry ANOTHER asshole!

Everybody, have a great time in the Texas Hill Country!

John Michael

BAR40 Logo from Hog

October 10, 2010

From Smoller

October 4, 2010
Doug Mac Dougall, Mac’s brother, sent me this link in case further distractions are needed while we’re in Austin. It’s all part of Keeping Austin Weird

Musical Theme for BALTA TX

October 2, 2010

The musical theme for BALTA TX is musicians from Texas.  The sub-theme is musicians who perform at Gruene Hall.

Track 1 – “The Entertainer” – Scott Joplin – Born circa 1867-68 in Texarkana.  This year’s musical twist.
(Note: on a few CD’s, this is the last track.  Sorry.)
Track 2 – “Move Over” – Janis Joplin – Born 1/19/1943 in Port Arthur.
Track 3 – “Rave On” – Buddy Holly – Born 9/7/1936 in Lubbock
Track 4 – “No Quiero” – Domingo “Sam” Samudio – Born 1937 in Dallas.

Musical trivia question: Name the 1965 Top Forty hit by Sam Samudio. Answer is below.

Track 5 – “I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight” – Jerry Jeff Walker – Born in Oneida NY.  However, this is from Walker’s album –  Live at Gruene Hall.  And he sure sounds like he’s from Texas…
Track 6 – “Mean Woman Blues” – Roy Orbison – Born 4/22/1936 in Vernon.
Track 7 – “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” – Stevie Ray Vaughn – Born 10/3/1954 in Dallas
Track 8 – “Across the Borderline” – Freddy Fender – Born 6/4/1937 in San Benito
Track 9 – “Louella” – Marcia Ball – Born 3/2/1949 in Orange
Track 10 – “Don’t Take Advantage” – John Dawson “Johnny” Winter III – Born 2/23/1944 in Beaumont
Track 11 – “Where You Goin’” – Jimmy Dale Gilmore –Born 5/6/1945 in Amarillo
Track 12 – “The Red Headed Stranger” – Willie Nelson – Born 4/30/1933 in Abbottt
Track 13 – “I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You” – Lyle Lovett – Born 11/1/1957 in Klein
Track 14 – “Por Las Parrandas” – Flaco Jimenez – Born 3/11/1939 in San Antonio
Track 15 – “I’ve Always Been Crazy” – Waylon Jennings – Born 6/13/1957 in Littlefield
Track 16 – “La Madrugada” – Los  Super Seven (See below)
Track 17 – “Standin’” – Townes Van Zandt – Born 3/7/1944 in Fort Worth
Track 18 – “Honey, Hush” – Albert Collins – Born 10/1/1932 in Leona

Answer to the trivia question: “Wooly Bully” – Sam “the Sham” and the Pharoahs

Musical note: Los Super Seven is a Mexican- American all-star band of varying musicians such as: Joe Ely, Freddy Fender (track 8), David Hildago (Los Lobos), Flaco Jimenez (track 14), Doug Sahm (of the 1960’s Sir Douglas Quintet), Lyle Lovett (track 13), Raul Malo (the Mavericks) and more.  They do appear at Gruene Hall.  Unfortunately, they will not be there during BALTA TX.

Doug Gitt