I’m too worn out tonight to write about the reunion and how much fun it was.  Just got home.  But I may write some things later on.

I’d really like to post some of your photos.  I can’t handle your entire camera roll, but send me some of your best candids, and I’ll post them here.  I’d like to get some good headshots or close-up, plus some of the Gruene Hall dance night and the School House karaoke night/Cranny ‘Clear Lake Baptism Night’!

Next year the Moles are hosting (Curt and Barbara Simonson) in Chicago or thereabouts.  Start planning for it!

Much kudos go to Tom Forrest and his family for putting together a spectacular reunion this year.




11 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. George (not Kreml) Says:

    I second that sentiment. Tom and his entourage did an oustanding job organizing this reunion, and we all had a great time. And, it is nice finally being baptised, thanks Cranny.

  2. HogInPA Says:

    me 2

  3. John Smoller Says:

    I had a wonderful time in Texas. Thank you Tom.

  4. Forrest "Woody" Dieckman Says:

    I can’t believe I waited so long to get my butt to a reunion! Has it really been 21 years? Thanks to Tom and others who made it so great! Shirley had fun, too.

  5. Mysto Says:

    Many, many, many thanks again Tom, Davelyn, Linley, Casey, and Amanda for a fantastic reunion. Great seeing all the old and new faces.


  6. Maddog Says:

    To be perfectly honest, it was clearly wonderful to see everyone there; even you. Great reunion there Texas Tom!

  7. Bear Says:

    Agree! THANX! Tom and family.

  8. BJBBJBJ Says:

    Can not imagine enjoying myself more with a better group of folks that mean so very much to me! Hugs to Forrest family and Amanda and each of you that made the reunion so special this time and all of the times that came before. Hugs and more hugs, BJBJBJBJBJ

  9. Larry Wilhelm Says:

    Thanks to Tom and all who made this such an amazing event. I hadn’t seen any of you for forty years(made new friends too) but got the same warm welcome that I received in B.A. in 1970. Had my first nicolasca in 40 years too. It was GREAT, see ya’ll next time!

  10. Doug Says:

    Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

    And step-daughter Kris and husband Ryan had a great time! I could tell that Ryan especially appreciated being among a great group of old friends. He also may have become addicted to nicolashkas…

  11. Maddog Says:

    After math comes forgetting math.

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