BAR40 Photos from the Dunns

Heidi Cotler at Karaoke Night.

Woody Dieckman at Karaoke Night.

L/R George Bassett, Brian Pfeiffer

Sitting at table, L/R, Jim Crandall, Pat Carroll, Heidi Cotler

The group that took a daytrip to a Texas winery.

Thomas cutting Gabby's hair with a long line of customers waiting.

Dottie Dunn standing outside Gruene Hall on Friday night.

Dinnertime L/R Bill Dunn, unidentifiable, Ulli McCown, Janelle Davis, Sam Flippo, Fay Houston, Ed Sharpe, Dottie Dunn

L/R Mike Rodgers, Wally Cox, Dave Kreml, Bill Dunn, Jim VandenBerg

Taking photos, Heidi Cotler, left, and Dee Mills Carroll, right.

L/R Tom Forrest, Bob Wallace, Gabby Wallace, Woody Dieckman, Larry McCown

Another look at haircut line.


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