Hogs & Kisses

Hogs & Kisses
149 Broad Street
Lake Geneva , WI 53147
phone: (262) 248-7447
email: Hogs@att.net
web: www.hogsandkisses.com

Features: Lunch, Dinner, Vegetarian Dishes

Cocktail Lounge & Eatery in a European pub setting. Serving garden fresh salads, homemade soups, appetizers, an array of sandwiches, char-grilled
burgers, brats, chicken & ribs.  Specialty beer, wine and the usual …

From BJBJBJ … he says it looks like CptHog has preceeded us to this year’s reunion site.  Good times ahead.


3 Responses to “Hogs & Kisses”

  1. HogInPA Says:

    preferential seating and discounts are being negotiated – hih

  2. Mike Stemple Says:

    We visited this bar in ’88 on a field trip at the reunion. After taking it over for hours one afternoon and having Hog do a “Hog show” (Dan Cotler asked him who Sam Kinnison was and Hog did a five minute impression of him at the top of his lungs) the manager told us that she’d buy us a round if we would only leave afterwards. Never being the type of organization to pass up free drinks, we accepted. Hopefully they will have forgotten about us by now.

  3. BJBJBBJ Says:

    Can you imagine anyone forgetting us, even 23 years later! I am sure they still have photos of Capt. posted and a few pictures of The Stump -‘ Warning, do not engage, walk away quickly and call the authorities’.

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