Frau Rohleder

My wife and I lived in an apartment on 3rd floor of Rohleder Gaus Haus on Linden Str from fall 62 until winter of 65.
We kept contact for several years, but seemed to have lost contact after Frau Rohleders passing. She had two daughters, Erica and Rose Marie. Any information concerning family would be appreciated.

Charles Bible
(Note from Dee:  I have his email address if any of you want to contact him.  I didn’t want to post it though)

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  1. Mysto Says:

    Hi Charles

    I lived in the same apartment from early 1970 through the summer of ’71. I took over the apartment from Larry (now Lamar) White and his wife Lynn and shared the apartment with Steve Cosby and later Dexter Manning.

    About 10 years ago I was in Munich on biz and took an extra day to drive down to BA and retrace a chapter of my life. I thought that I knew BA very well but I never really got my bearings. I must have driven up and down Lindenstrasse 10 times and asked a couple of people about Gashaus Rohleder and got clueless responses. I finally realized that it is no more. The old Gasthaus was razed some time back and an Italian restaurant now occupies the site. Don’t go looking for it, because it ain’t there no mo.


  2. Maddog Says:

    Last year, 2010, offices were in the same location on Lindenstrasse. There’s an Italian Restaurant, Nuova Firenze, just down the street, and another, Trattoria da Santino, not far around the corner that serves pizzas, gelatos, hot chocolate, apple juice, and cannonball serving rackets. Perhaps the Italian restaurant moved somewhere so that businessmen could move into the old Rohleder Place. I lived there too next door to Bill and friends. Once I tried to set fire to the place with an oil-burning stove, but fortunately, failed.

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