BAR42 Reunion site and dates

Drink up, ya bums!  We’re going to Washington in 2012.  Index, WA to be exact.  The dates for it are October 4-7, 2012.

Hosting is are Dan and Kristi Hayden, and you’ll be hearing more from them in the months leading up to it.

Hope to see a bunch of you there!

Also, while I’m posting, I wanted to mention the Balta group page on Facebook.  A lot of the group has been posting on the group wall, so it’s a good way to get in contact with folks also.

Search for Balta.  The word Group will be below the name and also 78 members.


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  1. Wally Knox Says:

    Great photo, gang! I’ll see you all in Washington next year. Beth is saying she is due for another visit.

    Curt and Barbara, thanks again for a wonderful time. Next time I might drink less bourbon and sleep in less. Hmmmm? Nahhh!

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