Balta Group Page on Facebook

We have a fairly lively group page on Facebook called Balta.

I like it because unlike this blog anyone can post on the page.  It only allows short posts but it has given us all a way to communicate with each other.  We can also post photos there.

I’m happy to also post for you on the Balta blog, so keep that going.

I’ve recently learned that it’s not easy for newbies to find the Facebook page.  If you’d like to add it to your Groups on Facebook but can’t find it, send me an email.  If we’re already Facebook friends, I can add you to the Balta group.  If we aren’t friends, that’s the first step.  Email me first that you’re requesting to connect as a FB friend (so I know what’s going on and that you want to be included in the Balta group!); I’ll accept your friend request and then add you to the group.  You can leave the group at any time, if you wish.



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  1. Mike Hannan Says:

    Gerry and Roz Boyle? I remember a couple by that name but surely this can’t be the same ones ……… can it??? If it is the same ones they could prove it by sending photos of their 40 something year old children and teenage grand children and themselves. I’ll bet Gerry hasn’t aged any better than the rest of, but Roz ….. now that’s a different story. I’m pretty sure I’d recognize the real Gerry but I’m absolutely sure I’d recognize Roz. Oh yeah!

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