Email from Gerry Boyle

We stumbled on the BALTA web site and were amazed to see some old people we recognized.
We still cherish the memories made in BA.  Great to see most of us are still alive.
We were saddened to hear that the base is closed and has been for some time ’04 we read but it was wonderful to see a picture of “the tree”.
We will continue to read the blog and try to decipher the photos

Gerry and Roz Boyle


2 Responses to “Email from Gerry Boyle”

  1. Brian Pfeiffer Says:

    Gerry! What the hell! I can’t believe you are still there! what the hell!

  2. HogInPA Says:

    Boyle: send me a mailing address ( and I’ll send you an official “You were missed.” postcard. Frak Them Kids N@ hog

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