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Dear BALTA Friends-

After 19,970 days in the United States, pledging her allegiance to the American Flag (and America), paying income taxes and Social Security and Medicare for more than 50 years, Elizabeth will become an American Citizen on Feb 24.

For all practical purposes, since we have known her, she has always been an American but held off giving up her British citizenship because of the possibility of needing to returning there to take care of family.   Now, except for nephews and cousins, she no longer has family living in Britain so it is now time to make the transition.

Needless to say it’s a big day for her and, rest assured, it is for me as well because besides doing this for me she wanted to have the right to do something she has never been able to do here or in England ……..vote for the first time in her life.

Hope you are all well-



6 Responses to “Elizabeth Hannan’s News”

  1. Jim Crandall Says:

    Congratulations Elizabeth. Welcome to the fun of participating in American electoral politics.

  2. Doug Says:

    Blimey! Congrats!!!

  3. Sam Flippo Says:

    Congratualtions! We need to celebrate!! Love ya’ Sammy

  4. John Smoller Says:


  5. Maddog Says:

    Cheers! Good show! Congratulations! The tyranny of the majority is the tyranny of some minority which has brainwashed the majority into behaving has an unthinking and often uncontrolled mob.

  6. Brian Pfeiffer Says:

    Congratulations! I still write in George Wallace for President and if you do also there will be two votes for the man. See ya soon.

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