2012 Balta Reunion Attendees List

My man says:

“My BAR42 children:  Behave now, Daddy Caver rules.”

Dan and Kristi Hayden

Mike Rodgers (n@)

John Smoller

Mike and Elizabeth Hannan

Bill Shea

Sam Flippo and Janelle Davis

Brian Pfeiffer

Larry Wilhelm and Jennie McElroy

Curt and Barb Simonson

Woody and Shirley Dieckman

Don Pier

Heidi Cotler

Lonny and Sandi Gervais

Wally Knox and Beth Garfield

Doug Gitt

Tom and Davelyn Forrest

Jim and Mimi Crandall

Pat and Dee Carroll

Kerry and Partner Vandegrift

Vincent A Berardini

Fur shirt sizes, please!



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