BJ and Joy’s Wedding, 6/10/12

Congrats and much love!


9 Responses to “BJ and Joy’s Wedding, 6/10/12”

  1. Mike Hannan Says:

    WE WANT PICTURES!!!! Congratulations BJ and Joy.

  2. Doug Says:


  3. mikerodgers65 Says:


  4. Bill Shea Says:

    Aww… you guys looks so cute and happy! BJ, I hope you’re going to wear your suit to the reunion. It would add a note of class to the festivities. Heartfelt congratulations to you both!

  5. John Smoller Says:

    More pictures. More cowbell.
    Congratulations to you both.

  6. Ed Hoben Says:


  7. Maddog Says:

    Up YOURS!

  8. Shirley Dieckman Says:

    Woody & Shirley Dieckman Congrats!!!

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