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OK, let me be clear about one thing; as much as I appreciate your collective love and volunteer support , I volunteered to throw this reunion because I can do it and have hosted more than any one except Hannan.

I will need help to be sure on site and will gratefully accept it then but for now take a deep breath and have faith in the fact that this will be a kick ass reunion!

That being said, I have found a great location and have reserved 5 houses at Pajaro Dunes, half way between Monterey and Santa Cruz. One is on the beach the others within crawling distance with comfy beds and lots of bathrooms (probably not enough,but really, are there?) We may not need them all but October is the best weather on the coast and these houses go fast.

I will need $100 dollars per person as a down payment and an adult commitment as soon as you can write the check.

If you want some BAR 45 foreplay, and/or are tired of whatever winter you are experiencing, you can go to and yes, it really looks like that.

And you folks that we love who have not yet committed, that’s you Hobens, Stemples, Wallaces, McCown family, Mad Dog and the pups and the rest of you..get your passport to California and join in the celebration of 45 years!

BTW for some reason, probably my skills, I cannot email this info to my BALTA list, so Hog go for it!


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  1. Doug Gitt Says:

    FYI, the BALTA 45 site is about 1 1/2 hours from San Francisco Airport (SFO) or about 1/2 hour from Monterey Regional Airport (MRY)

  2. Doug Gitt Says:

    And the Watsonville area is the garlic capital of the US

  3. John Freyermuth Says:

    Monterey may also be reached via an arm from the Pacific Ocean. Nearby are Big Sur (home of Confederate Generals n beatnik Kerouackian winos), Carmel (home to hippies playing with a tambourine man mysto), Pfeiffer Beach St. Park (home to cliff jumping and Overcoming of All singing in the sea surf), Carmel Valley (home to frog catchers), y música. – Dog

    • Roger Lefever Says:

      Ihr gehorsamer Diener. Got your message. I will be at Pajaro Dunes reunion. I’ll send the check to Heidi.

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