Because of my iffy computer skills, I thought I would post this email missive on facebook as well so there will be no whining about not receiving this info!

Happy New Years, you old farts! I am in the process of finalizing dates and head count for BAR 45.

Since the feedback I received indicated that Oct was the best time I am looking at Oct 8 to Oct 11th
or 12th.

I need a head count ASAP so that, well, any of you who have done this know why! If that date is not good for you please let me know that as well and I will run another weekend by y’all.

I am looking at the Central Coast (Santa Cruz to Pismo beach) but if prices are too dear than I will explore further.

The decision is really based on how many of you intrepid souls are willing to make the trip.

SO let me know if you are ready for an adventure or weaseling out! How about you say yea or nay by Jan 16th…works for me,

Love Heid


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