BJ and Joy’s Thanksgiving

Thanks for covering my tools Heid. They would not have needed covering if Dan had not been out there playing with them.

Thanksgiving for Joy and I was down the block from her house at a neighbor’s casa. Nice folks. We made some food and they made even more.

Fresh crab since one of the roommates there fishes. Turkey and all the usual holiday food plus three pies and two stuffings.

The husband is totally into guns and while we were in his woodworking shop drinking beer and smoking cigars he offered to show me his inner sanctum.

Rear secure room with many tools for sizing and loading cartridges. He has one of just about each caliber and there are many different ones. He figures he loads and fires about 10,000 rounds a year between his son and himself.
Then we went to the house prior to the meal where he opened his gun safe, a 400 pound 5″ door unit that would withstand the burning down of the house.

He has difficulty getting the 28 pistols and rifles in there that he stores in the safe. The balance of his guns are in the back room in racks all arond the walls where ever there are not reloading tools.

Company was great and the meal a killer!

He is on our side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good thing.

Next Saturday Joy had me attending a wedding at the Ritz in HMB. Good friend of hers that was marrying a cop. Wedding outside on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Nice.

Food afterwards was one more killer meal. The reception dinner was followed with dancing. Italian cop and Jewish princess. Interesting.

Then Tuesday I had two friends and one of their son’s from high school come for dinner and an overnight stay. The one friend and his son had come in from Sweden where they live.

Ed moved there in ‘81 when he met his wife, a doctor, and moved with her to her country. We had a couple more of our friends join us for a dinner of eight.

Joy went way out of her way in planning and preparing the meal and entertaining some guys she had absolutely no interest in.

One more killer meal.

The day prior to the guests arriving I spent helping plan and install a forced air heater in Joy’s. A couple of hours just figuring out the proper routing. Asked the heater guys to give us a day off, Tuesday, for the guests we had coming and I spent the day cutting the register and return holes. All day.

Almost finished the remained of the installation today and I am exhausted.

Time to return to Cotler’s for some rest.

Missed each and every one of you for Thanksgiving. Thought about you and made many small blessing in your names.

Hugs to all, BJBJBJBJBJ and Joy


2 Responses to “BJ and Joy’s Thanksgiving”

  1. #1 in Grove City Says:

    Hey! GUN rhymes with FUN for a reason, ya wimp!

  2. Thanksgiving for BJ and Joy « Bad Aibling Lawn Tennis Association Says:

    […] BJ Says: […]

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