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Doug’s Bar37 photos

November 4, 2007

 Doug sent these shots from this year’s reunion.  I made them into a slideshow.

Enjoy Doug’s photos here.


Shea: Home again

October 20, 2007

To anyone who might be interested, I just got home Thursday evening after 7,679 miles in the old tub.  As you know, my first co-pilot, Lt Gitt drove from Harrisburg to BaltaFest.  Thanks  a mega-bunch to Mike and especially Sherry for raising the bar again.  The house and setting could not have been better.

From Ohio, Dan Hayden and I headed west to Denver.  We hauled across the midwest logging 735 and 790 miles for the first two days to Denver.  There we stayed with Smoller (thanks much, John for the hospitality)…for a day before heading westward again toward SLC.  Then on to Reno.  The weather could not have been better nor the landscape more specacular.  From Reno to Tahoe however, through the Donner Pass we hit a major snowstorm (blizzard?) that had the road closed overnight and we felt lucky to get through.  Once we got to the Sacramento Valley, we were once again blessed with stunning California weather.  Spent two wonderful nights at the Cotlers in Benicia…thank you so much!


Bar37 photo from BJ

October 20, 2007

Mole at reunion

Smoller, Curt and I took the ferry to Put-IN-Bay and as we walked around and tried different bars and restaurants, one that is a brewery held our attention for a short while. Just inside the front door was one of the Blues Brothers and I thought The Mole looked just fine posing with him.

Video by Pat of BAR37

October 15, 2007

 Pat wants me to tell you that it’s a new camera, and he’s just learning how to use it, and he’s sure that Hog could have done better.  But, hey, it’s us, you guys!

More Bar37 photos, this time from Hog

October 9, 2007

These are great shots by Hog.  Go look!

Bar37 photos

October 7, 2007

bar37-1.jpgbar37-15.jpgbar37-31.jpgbar372.jpgTalkingbar37-9a.jpgbar37-13.jpgbar37-101.jpgRock n Roll Hall of Famebar37-16jpb.jpg      

I somehow lost the i.d’s, so here’s the long way.  From top left 1)Doug, Brian and Heidi; 2)Sam 3)Family dinner 4)Ed and Mike 5) Pat and Larry in foreground; Kathy and Sherri in background 6)Dan, Larry and Ed 7)Heidi and Jenelle 8)Brian and Brigitte 9)daytrip to Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame l/r DanH, Dan C. Larry, Ed, Pat, Heidi, Brigitte 10) l/r from Heidi, then Jenelle, Sam, Doug, Bill and John.

I’d love to post other reunion photos when you have them. 



Reunion thanks from BJ

October 6, 2007

The site was wonderful and interesting with lots of extras all about to keep us all entertained.

Many thanks for your efforts and hard work.

My regret, besides not being able to visit with those that were not able to attend, is that there was beer remaining after we were all finished and gone and I am planning on getting in better beer drinking shape, (inspired by our friend Smoller), and doing more of my part in the future.

It really was great to see all of those that attended.

Thanks Stemples, BJBJBJB

Hog’s reunion photo

October 6, 2007


This year’s reunion…

October 4, 2007

was wonderful!  Don’t let my lack of writing about it make you think otherwise; I’ve just been too busy to blog this week. 

Stay tuned for upcoming photos; possibly a video even!  And I’m always ready to accept your photos from the reunion and post them.  Please, though, send them small enough for a blog posting.  WordPress, this blog’s sponsor, recommends that the photos be a maximum of 450 pixels.

THE OLD STONE HOUSE was voted “best Balta site ever” by a select committee of attendees, and the Stemples earned chops for the reunion this year.  Doug Gitt found this link about the house with plenty of photos to give you a taste. 

To those who attended….bravo!  For those who missed it, you really did.


J. Michael’s note

September 22, 2007

Hi Dee and Pat and fellow BALTAians-

It is with great sadness that I must confirm that I will miss this year’s festivities and seeing everyone’s smiling (if wrinkled) faces.

Because my wrinkled face has been in a fairly constant grimace from the pain of sciatica, I must find out how to correct the problem. I was convinced by several doctors (over the past 4 years) that my back pain was the result of my destroyed right knee but now I’m not so sure and I’m in the process of figuring out if knee replacement will cure the pain in my back. I thought I was very close to pulling that trigger but after reassessing things a bit, I am going to have some more diagnostic tests done to find out if my back pain is caused by something in my back or because of my altered gait caused by my bad knee. If I can determine, with some level of certainty, that there is nothing in my back causing the pain, I will go on with the surgery.

Since making it this far with the VA has taken over a year, I don’t want to be sidetracked with merry making while I’m trying to get all the tests done and surgery or no surgery decisions made, I must stay close to home. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

Hope you all have a great time-

Love to all-