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Mike Hannan donates art to Tennessee Wesleyan

April 22, 2015

Local artist Michael Hannan donated 28 pieces of his art to the Tennessee Wesleyan College Visual Art department.

Local artist Michael Hannan donated 28 pieces of his art to the Tennessee Wesleyan College Visual Art department. Hannan, who is originally from Tellico Plains, TN, has been taking photographs and making art since 1970. He bought a camera for his 25th birthday and has been taking photos ever since.

In addition to photography, Hannan also creates silkscreen prints of his photos. He realized people were more interested in the silkscreen prints than they were in the original photographs, and began creating prints of most of his work.

“People then didn’t look at photography as art,” he said, “but of course I always have. I started the silkscreen thing because people didn’t know it was a photograph.”

Between 1980 and 1985, Hannan was commissioned by LaQuinta Motor Inns to create the artwork for their properties. In those five years, he created 44,000 prints for the company.

After creating art for nearly 45 years, Hannan, who is a Vietnam War Veteran, decided to retire and give his works away to colleges around the country.

“I’ve been selling stuff since 1970, and I’m about out of steam,” he said. “My wife and I traveled to 40 of the 48 lower states selling and making works.”

Though he is no longer creating new works, Hannan says the past 45 years have been exceptional.

“I loved doing what I was doing when I started, and it’s just progressed from there,” Hannan said. “It has been an adventure, and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

The donated works have an approximate value of $4,200, and are currently on display in Room 110 of Elliott Hall on TWC’s Athens campus.

TWC will hold a reception to celebrate this donation. The reception will take place from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 23, 2015 in room 110 of Elliott Hall.

Tennessee Wesleyan College, founded in Athens, Tenn., in 1857, is a comprehensive liberal arts institution affiliated with the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. The college’s dedicated faculty and staff believe in providing the resources and support students need to become socially responsible, intellectually skilled and spiritually developed members of our community. For additional information about Tennessee Wesleyan College, visit, like us on Facebook at, or follow us on Twitter at


New G.I. Bill Signed by Bush on June 30

July 1, 2008

Hog forwarded this first part from Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans of America….(note from Dee: Bush also signed a bill yesterday for WAR FUNDING — $162 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, enough to fund the war into next year.)

Dear mike,

Today, history was made.

Just this morning, President Bush signed the new GI Bill into law. Since we are only a few days away from celebrating the 4th of July, this milestone is a fitting way to honor our veterans who have bravely served this nation.

IAVA has led the fight for the new GI Bill from the beginning, and your dedication over the past year and a half ensured that our lawmakers kept it a top priority. Over 20,000 of you called your representatives in Congress, spread the word in your communities and signed the petition Thanks to your hard work, we finally achieved our goal. (more…)

CBS Exposes Poor Military Medical Care

February 5, 2008

Friday’s most-emailed story on was an eight-minute story that aired Thursday on CBS Evening News . It was the longest single story to air on the evening broadcast since Walter Cronkite was sitting in the anchor chair. It was a blockbuster.The piece raises disturbing questions about the care that military doctors give to our servicemen and women, and it presses the issue of whether soldiers should be able to sue the federal government for malpractice — which is not currently allowed.

The above was taken from a longer piece on Al’s Morning Meeting at

Pentagon launching a new disability system

October 26, 2007

I picked this story up from Al’s Morning Meeting, which is an interesting site for journalists looking for story ideas.

“Pay attention to this story from The Navy Times about the Pentagon launching a new disability system.

This could make a big difference for veterans by cutting the time they wait for disability payments in half. The system could be operational in a month. The story says:
The Defense Department will soon unveil a new, streamlined disability evaluation system that, in tandem with the Department of Veterans Affairs, will replace the current cumbersome process with a single exam and single disability rating.

According to a copy of the plan obtained by Military Times and confirmed by Pentagon
officials, veterans medically retired from service will be able to apply for, and get, VA benefits immediately.


Veterans mistreated at Walter Reed

February 24, 2007

I’m incensed about the Walter Reed story, and I wondered if you had seen it.  In case not, here’s the original that appeared in the Washington Post on February 18.  Hooray for intrepid reporters who go after the truth.

From Hog … “Intrepid Heroes Fund”

January 31, 2007


About a year ago, many of us Balteze donated some dollars to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund.

Today the Rehab Center opened in San Antonio, TX. I think our roving BananaBoy visited there last year.

Way t’go, BALTA.


Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

The current Pope and also Gunter Grass were POWs at Bad Aibling

January 9, 2007

Mad Dog gives us this interesting item:

But did they ever play tennis?

“Grass is above all celebrated for his evocation of Danzig during the early days of the Nazi regime in The Tin Drum, the 1957 novel that made his name overnight. Yet Danzig is now Gdansk and, since the days of Lech Walesa and the 1981 Solidarity strikes in its shipyards, as important an icon in Polish culture as it once was in German.

Grass was born in Danzig in 1927 and his father, whom he described as “a typical opportunistic fellow traveller” joined the Nazi party in 1936.

At the end of the war, in circumstances that will now have to be
re-examined, Grass ended up as an American prisoner of war. In one of the titillating snippets from the forthcoming autobiography, he recalls meeting and becoming friendly with a rather shy 17-yera-old lad called Joseph who was also in the Bad Aibling prisoner-of-war camp. “I wanted to be an artist; he wanted to go into the church,” Grass recalls. He is unable, however, to confirm whether the lad was indeed Joseph Ratzinger, who admits to having been in the same camp and in now Pope Benedict XVI.”

Gunter Grass’ book will be available in English later this year under the English title “Peeling the Onion”. The book was published last year in Germany (in German) and it was one of the biggest events of 2006 there. In the US there was quite a bit made about Grass revealing only now that he had once been a Nazi.

A fuller report is here.


World War I vets

November 24, 2006

Hi everybody….I hope turkey day sat well with all of you. 

I found this interesting story from the online edition of The Detroit News concerning WWI vets.  What was incredible to me was that these guys, admittedly small in number and dwindling, are 105, 108, 113 years old!

Anyway, it’s an interesting read, so I decided to share it.


Bad Aibling today

November 17, 2006


Doug Gitt found this neat update of Bad Aibling today on Google Earth.  Click on the image to see a larger view.

Doug says….

Google Earth has updated its coverage of the Bad Aibling area. Before, photo coverage was from commercial satellite.  It is now a higher resolution, probably aerial photography.Attached is a photo of the Field Station.  I did not zoom in any closer, stayed with a wider area.If you didn’t know, Google Earth is a great time-waster.  One can play Photo Intelligence Analyst all day!  (I can send you the coordinates of a Russian submarine base where you can see nine subs tied up…)



Army intelligence?

November 8, 2006

I read this today in the Washington Post and thought some might find it interesting. 

“Army Revamps How Information Is Deemed Classified”

by Walter Pincus. 

“U.S. Army intelligence has developed a new blueprint for standardizing the way national security information is classified,”….. more