Grand Banana Tour – Spring ’07

Dear Family and Friends-

Because of some scheduling problems our normal Grand Banana Tour – Spring ’07 had to be cancelled at the last minute – I know that some of you are saying, “Thank God – we won’t have to endure the endless drivel that we have been subjected to the last  several years as the Hannans whirl across the country in that big yellow van freeloading and “working” at Hannan’s hobby/job.” (some have called Roseanna [banana vana] Hannan’s “short bus” and others have even said that I should be a passenger in the “short bus” rather than at it’s controls).  For those in that frame of mind, I hate to disappoint you because here I am.  For those of you who look forward with vicarious envy (or simple pity) at the ever unfolding adventures of one the world’s great Gypsies; the ongoing saga continues.

Anyway…..I have made several winter and early Spring solo (that’s on my own) tours – mostly in the Carolinas and Georgia and most recently to Mississippi and Alabama.  Elizabeth feels the need to be home (to earn enough in the real estate business to support my aimless wanderings….or is that wonderings?)  Though I can, and do, come home with more (money) than that with which I departed but without her help as my sidekick on these journeys, the accumulated wealth from this endeavor is a bit short of what is required to pay off 35 years of under-employment.  Did I tell you the one about the traveling salesman?…………..I’m sure I did.

These late winter/early spring trips have entailed not only new image collecting and print selling “business”  but a couple of them were meant to be made as an un-paid (volunteer) real estate consultant to my older brother, Dave, as well.  Dave is now retired from the high pressure world of hospital administration – at least on a day to day basis and works at a real (paid) hospital consulting business…..and we never thought he’d get out of high school!!!!……. anyway……he has been wanting to get out of the Boston area to warmer climes so he can pursue his recently new found love of salt water fishing. 

Fishing out of Boston can be very rewarding seasonally with the masses of blue fish, stripped bass, tuna, albacore and other game and food species too numerous for me to mention (or remember) but fighting the high speed commuter craft, ocean going vessels and pleasure seekers for the 7 months that the shipping lanes are ice free is apparently becoming too much………so he discovers this wonderful little fishing village on the Pamlico Sound on the NC mainland, inside the Outer Banks barrier islands of North Carolina that he and his long suffering wife, Martha, love and can go to during the Boston off season or even move to.  He can fish year round there for every kind of game fish known to anglers from Maine to Key West within easy reach of his Boston Whaler Outrage (that’s a boat for you non pescador types) at one time of year or another and he wants me to scout it out and find a nice little second home to use for his year round fishing pleasure.  

Of course, my first bit of (free) consulting advise to him was to get something large enough so that 1 or 2 of his 4 siblings and at least one of his kids and families could come to visit while they were in residence.  It finally got round to recommending that they probably wouldn’t want to exclude any of the family if they should all want to come at the same or overlapping times so he asked me to begin looking for something with 6 bedrooms and an open bay room that would hold 8 bunk beds plus an in-law suite that could accommodate a live in couple (me and Elizabeth for example) to look after the place while they were away cycling thru the California wine country or some such adventure available to those who worked their whole lives (after that close call in high school). 

Anyway…… I go down in mid December to meet them and he has some sort of old age back failure and at the last minute, they cancel their trip.  I did find the perfect place for them on a nice deep water tidal creek just minutes from the Sound with all the above mentioned amenities but he hasn’t pulled the trigger yet.  All the Hannans are hoping though.

As for me, I was “working’ in Mississippi, and coastal Alabama last week and had great success (of a sort) – they all love my prints and are willing to buy small numbers of them and feel that with my newly printed “Coastal Catalog” and my website catalog they can sell a bunch for me – I’ve heard that before – if I show up on their doorstep, I usually get re-orders but if I don’t, the return business is spotty at best. 

Guess I’ll just have to get 300 or 400 well placed (near friends and relatives) galleries handling my stuff and make the rounds each year.  If I had stayed in the Army and taken the battlefield commission I was offered in 1967 I could have retired as a General 10 years ago……I’m just sayin………

John Michael Hannan


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