Mad Dog’s Thanksgiving

Hi Dee,
  I’ve enjoyed looking at the balta site and reading about people’s Thanksgivings. And this Sunday evening, December 3, 2006, we picked the last morsels from the remaining refrigerated turkey bones.

Every edible bit larger than one tenth of an inch was found. I spent another hour after Carolyn had given up.

Grandpa Dan Freyermuth believed that one should never leave a  piece of uneaten food of larger than one tenth of an inch.
To do so was wasteful and was an unforgiveable sin.

Grandpa! He killed my pet Easter duck and fed it to us for Thanksgiving dinner not telling us where it came from until after we’d finished eating it. The look of disbelief and shock on my face caused Grandpa Daniel to have a good laugh.

That was 55 Thanksgivings ago in Western Pennsylvania.

This year I was the cold man at the table with lots of delicious
food but no cooked pet ducks. Carolyn supplied the turkey and her son David with girlfriend Nina brought chicken and deserts.

Carolyn’s daughter Sonia with boyfriend Enrique had flown in somehow from Motorola Corporation in Florida bearing gifts.

Our daughter Chandra & her boyfriend Frank brought three pies with a green bean casserole and an extra guitar.

International bassoonist Alison Rocks brought a huge purple bowl of the world’s most delicious mashed potatoes.

Our daughter Meg & her boyfriend Steve brought sweet potatoes and cranberries and something.

People brought wine and beer. It was mostly all for me I believe. It was the normal old Thanksgiving food with special guests. But please note that a lot of people in New Mexico don’t eat cranberries, and there probably wouldn’t have been any but for my request for them.

We did eat and drink too. We ate and drank and talked louder and louder. Then we ate and drank more while the talk got louder before getting real loud like at a BALTA Reunion but then switching to the dueling dual languages, Spanish and English real loud.

Probably something similar happened at the first Thanksgiving. But who cared? I started to get a headache; but who cared?

But the outcome was my sudden outburst, “How many more times do we have to do this?” It was a revelation! DEE!
That’s is what I did at Gaines! That is what I said at Gaines!.

I deny having said, “How much longer do we have to be here?” I said something completely different, “How many more times do we have to do this?”

I’m sorry I said that but that is what I said. But I said it because I’m so damn frail, that’s all. I’m a frail thouroughbred, inbred, with thin little ankles and wrists that will not support upon its frame the normal massive weights that normal robust BALTANs and other like creatures do support.

They support their weight upon massive frames with big bones and hips. And so, I, a frail coward, being afraid that I’m going to burst and die because I cannot curb my desires for ingesting massive quantities of irresistably delicious food and drink, I cry out in terror, “How many more times do we have to do this?”

Pathetic, no? But, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. And Thanksgiving brought me this revelation and now I share this unimportant tidbit with you. Thanksgiving is completely over
now. I’ve thrown the bones out and washed the dishes.

A week after Thanksgiving we had our first hard freeze. I brought our tomatoes into the greenhouse four nights ago. They are happy there.

The sandhill cranes, the Canada geese, the snowgeese, the blackbirds and other birds are wintering outside. I suppose they might be happy to be alive, but I can’t imagine how. It’s cold out there.

Might they not wish they could come indoors and get warm and cooked and eaten like their cousins the turkeys and chickens? 

So, let’s just be thankful that we’re not birds. Let’s be thankful that we are warm and alive like tomatoes.

Mad Dog


2 Responses to “Mad Dog’s Thanksgiving”

  1. Aaron, Son of Whiskey Boy Says:

    Maybe I’m splitting hairs, beating a dead horse, or owning a laserdisc player, or something else just as pointless, but I seem to remember it being “How many more days do we have to do this?”


  2. “How many more times do we have to do this?” « Bad Aibling Lawn Tennis Association Says:

    […] I hope the rest of you enjoy this as much as I did.    Read on… […]

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