The actual closing of the 18th USASA Field Station, Bad Aibling

July 8, 2012
Though narrated as the closing of the Indian / Pakistani border, this short video actually shows the decommissioning of BA as an American Spy Station and being returned to the Germans.  Interesting.

BJ and Joy’s Wedding, 6/10/12

June 11, 2012

Congrats and much love!

Bad Aibling 2012

May 29, 2012
Jerry Herbert was stationed at BA with me in the late ’60’s.  He just got back from Germany and took the attached pictures.  Looks like BA is now a Soccer Headquarters.  You might recognize some of these pictures from the past. Please share.
Ken Gay

Hog’s Itinerary for BAR42

May 28, 2012
I ARRIVE in Seattle (SEA)
THR, Oct 4th @12:30pm (United 331)
I LEAVE Seattle (SEA)
MON, Oct 8th @11:35am (What do you care what flight?)
I’m seeking rides to/from BAR42@Index, WA whenever possible; would b happy to share rental fees n@ if necessary.
Best wishes for a safe and solumn memorial day,

2012 Balta Reunion Attendees List

March 25, 2012

My man says:

“My BAR42 children:  Behave now, Daddy Caver rules.”

Dan and Kristi Hayden

Mike Rodgers (n@)

John Smoller

Mike and Elizabeth Hannan

Bill Shea

Sam Flippo and Janelle Davis

Brian Pfeiffer

Larry Wilhelm and Jennie McElroy

Curt and Barb Simonson

Woody and Shirley Dieckman

Don Pier

Heidi Cotler

Lonny and Sandi Gervais

Wally Knox and Beth Garfield

Doug Gitt

Tom and Davelyn Forrest

Jim and Mimi Crandall

Pat and Dee Carroll

Kerry and Partner Vandegrift

Vincent A Berardini

Fur shirt sizes, please!


Yea, Elizabeth!

February 29, 2012


After 50+ years of pledging her allegiance to America as a British Citizen, last Friday Elizabeth made it official when she raise her right hand and took the oath to become a U.S. citizen.  There were 162 others from 67 countries who were sworn in at the same ceremony with her.   The air was filled with emotion and pride from those becoming American Citizens and from those of us witnessing it.  The photo I have attached shows the emotion that Elizabeth was feeling as she pledged her allegiance to her new homeland.  Yesterday she registered to vote and today we will renew my passport and apply for her first U.S. passport.  We are pleased and excited about her chance to vote for the first time in her life.
Hope you are all well-


Elizabeth Hannan’s News

February 10, 2012

Dear BALTA Friends-

After 19,970 days in the United States, pledging her allegiance to the American Flag (and America), paying income taxes and Social Security and Medicare for more than 50 years, Elizabeth will become an American Citizen on Feb 24.

For all practical purposes, since we have known her, she has always been an American but held off giving up her British citizenship because of the possibility of needing to returning there to take care of family.   Now, except for nephews and cousins, she no longer has family living in Britain so it is now time to make the transition.

Needless to say it’s a big day for her and, rest assured, it is for me as well because besides doing this for me she wanted to have the right to do something she has never been able to do here or in England …… for the first time in her life.

Hope you are all well-


BAR42 Reunion Update – Deposits due 1/30/12

January 5, 2012

My man (above) requires y’all to attend the BAR 42 Reunion in the Pacific Northwest October 4 through 7, 2012.

Please confirm your reservation(s) and send a $100 per person deposit by January 30, 2012, to me.

–Dan Hayden
–540 Sandy Way
–Benicia, CA 94510

My man has “forged” agreement with Mysty Mountain Properties ( to “cave up” on 6 vacation cabins for the duration of BAR 42.  Refer in the attachment to Riverside Ranch, Mysty Mountain Cabin, White Water Retreat, Money Creek Lodge, Ranch Bungalow, and Timberlane Lodge (click on PROPERTIES in above link).  A 7th cabin (and more) may be available if my man commands a large and motley band of BAR 42 cavers.

On Friday, October 5, 2012, an optional caver crawl to the Red Hook Brewery and Chateau Ste. Michelle vineyard should more than adequately dust and crop the masses.

On Saturday, October 6, 2012, a pilgrimage to an Oktoberfest is planned ( Bauernfruhstuck should coat the tummies nicely.

Appertenances will be nicely provided by Mysty Mountain.

The Pacific Northwest is bubbling over with many other attractions (e.g., whales in and around San Juan islands, glimpses of vestiges of the British empire in Victoria and/or Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle Fish Market, etc.).  Other attractions will be provided later to cavers.

Please fork over your deposit by January 30, as Mysty Mountain has a quickened target for its receipt of interim and final installments.  Our man must be honored  —  he must meet his obligations, too.

More details as plans proceed . . . .

Happy New Year!

Ps:  If  flying in, arrive at SeaTac airport, south of Seattle.  Directions from airport to cabins to be sent separately.

Dee’s Cafe, Dotty Dunn photos from John Smoller

November 29, 2011

You have to look closely at these photos.


More on 2012 Reunion

October 27, 2011

VVVzzz — about 75 miles from Seattle airport to center of Skykomish. Hour and a half drive. Cabins in slightly different locations — maps to be distributed as details are finalized. VVVzzz dematerializinggg…..

Dan Hayden

2012 Host along with wife Kristi