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New book opens in Bad Aibling in ’68

September 2, 2009

PLEASE NOTE…This is not an endorsement from the Balta blog.  I have not read this book, nor has anybody that I know read it.  This novel, the first of a trilogy,  is a self-promoted effort from a retired ASA veteran.  I have no idea if the guy can write well.  Doug Gitt forwarded this posting from the ASA newsletter, thinking since the book trilogy begins in Bad Aibling in ’68, it might be of interest to us. Dee

New Member Robert Flanagan writes:

―I am retired ASA (1976), and a recently joined member of OSS. Many of you may remember me from our trail-crossings over the years.

As a memory tic: Having previously served seven years in the USMC, I joined ASA and served 16 years: Devens 058, 1960; Asmara 60-62; special asgmt 62-64; 3rd RRU, White Birch A/TC Mar 64-Aug 64; NCOIC Air Section TSN Aug 64-Mar 65; DLI-Russian May 65-Apr 66; VHFS Apr 66-Jun 66; Rothwesten 184th Opns Co/319 ASA Bn/17th ASAFS and Gartow NCOIC for ―winter change‖ Jul 66-Sep 67; made WO1 Jul 67; Bad Aibling Sep 67-Sep 68; 224th RR Bn (Avn)/S-3 Opns, TSN Sep 68-Dec 68; 1st RRC (Avn), Cam Ranh Bay, mission controller on P-2Vs Jan 69-Aug 69; Unit 10 Sep 69-July 73; USASASA, VHFS July 73-Jan 76 (Retirement).

I have recently completed, after many years’ work, a book which is in its final few days of the publication process and will be available through a number of sources within a couple of weeks. I would like to publicize this book as widely as possible, as this is a personal publishing process and I am responsible for my own advertising. On the publisher’s scale, such ballyhoo is exorbitantly expensive.

This book, a novel—Involuntary Tour—is Book I of ―The ASA Trilogy, three linked and contiguous novels that cover a period from the late 40s-1969. The trilogy is dedicated to ASA. All the action, all characters, all settings are ASA. The settings are primarily those locations where I was stationed, naturally providing me the background and experience to adequately define the scenes.

The story (the full trilogy) features two protagonists: a career ASA warrant officer and his friend and fellow servitor, a career ASA NCO. Neither of the protagonists is me, though I will admit to certain similarities, ―look-alike in instances. One of my strengths as a writer is a good ear, and I think readers will hear in the narrative, as well as the dialogue, the bright, sarcastic and ironic tones of the many fellow soldiers we served with in that special world. The story supports more characters than War and Peace, and the reader will think he recognizes many of them, though, as with the writer/protagonist gap, none of the characters are a single person from our past. All story personalities are amalgams of many people and/or pure creation. This is, after all, a work of fiction.

Book I opens in Bad Aibling in ’68, and there follows a long back-story segment of Viet Nam in ’64-’65, with a few other flashback vignettes. Book II, Dragon Bait (projected for publication Jan-Feb 2010), again begins in Bad Aibling ’68, contains back story segments of Asmara ’60-’62, Rothwesten and Gartow ’66-’67; more Bad Aibling ’68, and Viet Nam ’68. Here again, a few flashbacks define other venues. Book III, Falloff (projected for summer 2010) is set almost entirely in Viet Nam in ’69, with a few vignettes/flash backs. (more…)


Looking for Lost Baltans

February 28, 2009

To all possible Baltans,

The Maddog (John Freyermuth) and The Fool (Kerry Vandegrift) are much in need of finding Lost Baltans. Said Lost Baltans are not necessarily lost unto themselves, as they may know where they are, or possibly who they are, contrary to popular belief.

There are several websites that cater to ASA folk and Bad Aibling in particular. Both Maddog and I have perused those sites and found several people who we seem to recognize, either in fact or fiction. Others are listed. We strive to take them back into the Balta fold.

I have tried to contact several and am waiting for replies. Maddog has heard from Gerry Crow and is awaiting for others to contact him.I list the following names with their respective e-mail addresses, and also the websites from which these were taken.

There is one other called and
I am investigating it. Feel free to contact whomever and try to reconnect, not only with the people listed, but also people that they may be in contact with (Winston Churchill, when admonished by a female member of Parliament for ending his sentences in prepositions, said–“Madame, this is the sort of rudimentary impediment, up with which I shall not put!).

Folks not already on the Balta list–you know who you are or aren’t–feel free to contact me and I will announce your presence.

Fool (Kerry Vandegrift


People not in alphabetical order–so you must think!!!

Gerry Crow—-
Jim Christman–
Charlie Moore-
Russ Haddad–
Phil Swank—-
Roger Lefever- –this guy mentions Balta and wants to contact anyone in Balta.
Denis Byrne— -he mentions that he was a Brit Sgt. at Southgate and looking for Sgt. Mike Lee or Lea.
W. Thomas Moore– –he says he was post translator (German) and before that worked in the mailroom.
Robert Harkness—- —–3/69-10/69.
Michael Fuller——– –65-68 mentions living by Rosie’s at the canal.

No e-mails for the following:

Art Fanning——Schubert Ave. in Chicago 1-773-929-4316
Jeff Wilkerson—-6372 Jaguar Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Ralph Myers—–says he knew Col. Chester Cromwell and wife Georgia, says he took over as commandant and mentions a SP4 Hickey.
David O’Connell–70-72–mentions Maddog’s site and “Chance–his e-mail came back.
David Bishop——67-69

Other names from these sites:

Lanning Hochauser
Maynard Peterie
James Roten
Ken Rhyne–brings back a memory–he mentions the bumper cars at the fests and how the Germans would ride around in a circle, trying to avoid being bumped.
Glen Smith
Thomas Snead
Grady O’ Conner
Jim Christie
John Wilman
David Woods–mentions that he as the target of an IG investigation I think in 67.
Dale Larkin

Other names I do know not mentioned on these sites:

Sabine Gross
Tom Trent
Steve Trask
Art Ehrenberg
? first name, last name Esten, -wife Annie
Tom McKenna
Hugh Crohn
Rick Troyer
Chris Blum
PJ McCormack–last but most certainly least

Additional names and contact info most welcome.

Mug shots from Bad Aibling days

March 1, 2008

Gary Hendrickson scanned in a bunch of headshots of some of us. They are a real treat to look at. Thanks, Gary.

Go see for yourself!


Young Hannan at Bad Aibling

December 30, 2007

Hannan at Bad Aibling