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BAR43 Directions from Kerry

September 26, 2013
Hi All,
Directions below are from the Philadelphia International Airport:
These directions—-(Rand-McNally Maps)—and the easiest way to go. The only exception to these directions is that after you turn right on Melrose Avenue (#11), you must turn left onto N. Maine Avenue and then to 408 N. Maine Avenue. Should you miss Melrose, the next three right turns will also get you onto N. Maine.
Your GPS may take you on an alternate route to the above and is harder to follow—lots of slight turns bear in this direction or that. etc.

BAR43 Note from Kerry

April 6, 2013

By popular demand, 2013 BALTA reunion cost will not exceed $300. Open dates for 23 properties reviewed are good for October 15-21, but I will ask for thoughts on that—maybe a Sunday to Sunday venue, which will eliminate several properties from consideration though. I am meeting agents and looking at 3-5 homes on Tuesday morning. I’m trying to make sure that accommodations are somewhat equal in quality as has not always been the case.

Much has been said about the late date, but back last year when I volunteered, The Heid said that I could just sit for nine months and then get busy—of course that was on the bus on the way back from beer and wine at wherever it was that we did the Octoberfest thing so she might not remember—or my ears heard something different–whatever…

I reviewed several reunion year announcements on the blog and did note on one that reservations/sites were not finalized until June, so I think I might be OK here.Additionally, for this particular reunion, deposits were due and were paid by 40 or so people well before the accommodations were selected and there didn’t seem to be any criticism. Soooooo–stop the ragging on not paying up before site selection!! Besides, the NJ shore is empty in October, and as Dee has said, we’re the only people on the planet that want do vacation in October……..

I’ve received 22 comments on here from people who it sees will attend and I’d like to hear from you now-officially—that you will attend—–reunion central will be as before, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. There will be leeway several days and after for people to stay longer if they wish, as a week will be paid up.

More later.

Two houses

November 11, 2008

Hey Dee!

So far, we have found two houses!

One is for Hog, and the other for Hannan.

Hog can have have the first pick, and Hannan gets the one that’s left. Unless, of course, Hog would like both houses.                                                                    org2

Be happy!
Mad Dog & Madam

Update from BananaBoy

March 17, 2008
Hi Dee-

After all the delay and VA red tape, my total knee replacement surgery has been scheduled for May 22. It could have been about a month earlier but my niece is going to be married in the Naval Academy Chapel in early May and I wouldn’t have been recovered enough to make the wedding.

I have always regretted not accepting my appointments to West Point or The Naval Academy so I don’t want to miss her wedding so I can at least see the Chapel. Her husband to be is apparently a bit of a dolt since, upon graduating, he requested that he be commissioned as a Marine Officer rather than Navy. His secondary MOS is as a Communications Officer and it may even be as a Communications Intelligence Officer………Of course I won’t be able to share any “war stories” from the “Big War” because, as you all know, I have always taken my vow of silence about our highly classified work quite seriously..

Back to my knee amputation……..For years I’ve told Elizabeth (my first wife) that if I ever lost one of my legs, I was going to get a wooden peg leg, place a patch over one of my eyes, put a stuffed parrot (less maintenance) on my shoulder and move to Key West to work the sunset crowd at Mallory Square. So if anything goes wrong with the surgery and I loose my lower leg, I’ll be OK because of my early planning. (unlike the retirement planning deal)..

I should be fit for the reunion (that I have only heard about second or third hand) – I understand it’s going to be on the Red Neck Rivera of Alabama sometime in September – dates and exact locations would be appreciated..

Love to all-

J.M. (AKA BannaBoy) Hannan
(Johnny Mike)
(Mikey {likes it})


(Mike….if you’re reading the blog, click on the category for 2008 Reunion.)
Also…to everybody….Mike added a comment to the Alakazip post….vital information.  Get it here!

Doug’s Bar37 photos

November 4, 2007

 Doug sent these shots from this year’s reunion.  I made them into a slideshow.

Enjoy Doug’s photos here.

Video by Pat of BAR37

October 15, 2007

 Pat wants me to tell you that it’s a new camera, and he’s just learning how to use it, and he’s sure that Hog could have done better.  But, hey, it’s us, you guys!

More Bar37 photos, this time from Hog

October 9, 2007

These are great shots by Hog.  Go look!

Reunion thanks from BJ

October 6, 2007

The site was wonderful and interesting with lots of extras all about to keep us all entertained.

Many thanks for your efforts and hard work.

My regret, besides not being able to visit with those that were not able to attend, is that there was beer remaining after we were all finished and gone and I am planning on getting in better beer drinking shape, (inspired by our friend Smoller), and doing more of my part in the future.

It really was great to see all of those that attended.

Thanks Stemples, BJBJBJB

Hog’s reunion photo

October 6, 2007